my FIRSTs: skiing

Livigno, Italy

Corvatsch, Switzerland

Flumserberg, Switzerland

<Flims, CH>

<Hochwang, CH>

<Lenzerheide, CH>

<Laax, CH>


Switzerland, go home… You’re killing me. #Walensee

Lately I’ve been lacking words. Lately I’ve been a little  happier than usually. Lately… I’ve experienced some more new things, which took me by surprise –  they were scary as heck but satisfying as… Something I’d never thought it would.

And lately I started learning. Learning more about myself – more than others. More than anything! What do these words mean? I don’t even know anymore. But I know one thing – it can only get better, a little bit better. .. Maybe just a tiny bit, but also… It can go wrong. And how does it matter? It doesn’t. Only this second is real and until something happens – everything is possible. Everything. Every crazy scenario in each of our parallel universes…


An hour from home. #Flumserberg

So skiing. Looks like my little and big dreams are still coming true!  1 check.!! 2nd – loading… 3rd? Well. Ghmmm.. That’s a bit more complicated. I’m not sure if I even wanna talk about it. Haha! Learning German I meant !!!


Finding new friends might be as hard as finding lovers. Seems I’ve been damn lucky!

This winter is maybe the second winter in my entire life which I actually enjoy. When I still do crazy things I never thought I would and when I try to fight the last inner demons  trying to control my life. Getting things done pretty well. Proud of myself!

And yes. I totally wrote this post for myself… I’m a bit selfish now. Sorry. Be kind. I still am. 😛

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