Dear Klaipėda,

Dear Klaipėda,


I breath in, but I can’t smell your scent; I touch my lips, but I don’t feel the salt on them anymore.  I close my eyes and imagine your face. Yes, that’s right – I imagine. I can’t see it and I cannot touch it.  I imagine white sand dunes and brown freckles scattered along the beach. Then there’re trees… black and wavy… so dense that my fingers could get lost in them. And there’s your voice… so calm, so … loved. So known. A seagull scream, cold winter wind, wave echoe in your eyes…

Oh lovely Klaipeda, my teenage dream, my youth, my love. I could just stare at you, with you… towards horizons, towards the sun. If only you weren’t so cold. If only I have never left you…

glass ball

IT IS DAMN HARD TO BELIEVE how one can be incredibly  attached and bonded to a certain place. WOW. I didn’t expect that. It was like BOOM. Hmm. Crazy, ain’t it? You travel, you experience, but nothing makes you feel the same as windy winter morning by the sea.  Damn right – my home. My home my home my home.  It’s full of memories, of people, of street corners I know and graffiti tags I remember.  It’s crazy to be somewhere, where you actually know stuff, where even cashiers at supermarkets are the same as few years ago. It is damn hard to believe, how you can love these same old things and people, you thought you  may forget, but they are always and forever in your heart.


Come walk with me, give me your hand. Please smile at me and turn back to get one tiny glimpse of the sea. Tell me that you’re happy, that you’re well and prove it with a smile – a shining glittering perfection.

Please call me late at night, please do. Just let me know that there’s moon or that the stars are bright and tea is cold, so I could get my coat and make you warm.

Smile at me. Say ‘hi’. Be calm and welcoming, please be! Don’t let me go, please don’t. Just be here by my side and I’ll be too. Make moment last infinities and just for me and you.

2016 was a struggle for better and more beautiful life. Let 2017 bring warmth and home to  us. Please let it be more stable and more  friendly. Less lonely and  more cozy. Nice and warm. Nice and warm… With only joy tears in our eyes!

Ukranian princess

I see you!

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