50 shades of Grey Berlin

or … don’t be yourself

If I could describe  the Berlin I got to know in one picture it’d be it:

Yeah. Dark with some stripes of color trying to break through but unable to  damage the thick thick layer of grayness covering it all…

Charming. But sad. Spring in February hasn’t touched the city yet.

Anyways… I had a chance to eat the best Vietnamese burger ever and the best one in Berlin as well.. @  District Mot

Saw the colorful chained gates through Berlin wall…

Met two best  friends of mine…

Stayed in an awesome hostel…

Checked the (in)famous  water clock (my dad told me so)…

My friend’s advice on how to enter Bergheim:

Don’t speak English. Better – don’t talk at all. Don’t lough, do not smile and preferrably look unhappy and snobbish. Actually, just don’t be yourself!

Thanks then… but no thanks. 😀


And that’s it. That’s really it.

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