Climb up! Or fall down…

Climbing in Gastlosen

I am not super good at sports. I was never the worst though.  However, new challenges always seemed to interest me the most. Something I’ve never tried, or tried only once and a long time ago? Yep, I’m already excited. Here we go. Hand   me   those carabines!


It’s me. Yeah, I know.

Switzerland is like a paradise for those, who like active lifestyle. Children from their young age are being taken on   long hikes in the valleys, they go climbing in famous mountain   spots and skiing on world-class slopes.  Occasionally they would also go surfing somewhere on Mediterranean coast…

I was never that kid.

Not only Lithuania was so flat that it did not offer any pleasures like snowboarding, skiing, climbing or  mountain biking, it was also a post-Soviet country, where … sad to say, people simply did not have enough money to enjoy these kind of pleasures. Or, they just   did not have it in their blood.

There were many things to do besides that though so time shortage just as the one of money would cause quite some difficulties… Families would meet to cut and dry hey, to tend potatoes. To prepare summer goods for winter. To work work work as much as you can so just you could allow yourself something more than a nice TV in your house.

My father   would spend all his vocations in the countryside at my granddads place (and actually, he did not have that much of holiday time!). Because he was one of the only two sons who could work as a horse (and also the one who cared more). That’s why we would never go anywhere apart there. Of which I’m not really complaining much, don’t be mistaken. I love that place. And… I didn’t know any other life.

The first time

I went abroad was when I was 4 I think. The second time when I was 12. Both times we went to Ukraine to visit my distant family.  The first time I really went abroad was… Ouch. When I was 19. Can you believe it? I flew to London. ALONE. One of the scariest and most dramatic moments of my early twenties.

I guess, that partially explains my travel obsession. I just did not have a chance to see anything before I really started traveling and trying all those things I’ve only heard of, seen on TV screen or even never got to know ’em at all.

And that is exactly why I’m so determined. I don’t want to be a girl from a post-Soviet country, who has no clue about nowadays world. I wanna be a girl from a young and promising country near the Baltic sea and I wish to prove myself, that no matter that I did not have a chance to do it before, I can learn fast and be good, better, the best at what I do!


I’d rather climb up than give up. I’d rather suffer that moment, but feel satisfied once I reach my goal. I don’t want to fall down. I can’t. Not because someone’s watching.

Because I am watching.


"Tenacious tough lady." - they said.

That's like the best compliment I heard in weeks!

Ooooh. What’s more. I noticed that doing something completely unfamiliar, always brings the best out of me:  creativity, credibility & good vibes.  It gives new purpose to my   routine. Makes me   forget   the comfort and challenge myself   once again.  To  dream again. And learn to be in the right place at the right time. For a very long time and in many spots. Lol.

And that is exactly the way of how my dreams come true.

True true.

'Cause after all. Winner is just a looser
...who tried again.

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