Da Hipsta yeah

What makes you a Hipster

Today I want to break it down to the essentials.

I’ve tried quite few times to put it to words what is a true hipster and I think I can easily do it now. SOOOOOOOOOOOO. First of all,  if you wanna be hip, you have  to be:

  • Smart. Actually – smart and casual at the same time. You have to be aware of the STUFF happening in the world. And I mean it. The days of mean skinheads  and sad emos   are counted. Hipsters are educated.
  • Nice. Yes yes, that too. Not just because you’re nice but also because probably you were bullied at school by your classmates who are now in jail (or at least not as well of as you   are (obviously they weren’t that smart)) and you know how it feels when someone’s not nice to you. No, just kidding (mhmm, maybe). You simply know how to behave with the people in an appropriate manner.
  • You should also pay deliberate attention to your looks. Not too much though, ‘couse the others might think you care too much and that’s not hip at all (even though you do care about it quite a lot). And by no means you should forget that the true fashion treasures hides in your grandma’s drawer or in certain flea shops.
  • Dress up! It follows our previous topic. If you’re a guy, a beard is a MUST. And not even a nice one. Really long and not groomed at all is probably even better! (Euu. I gotta say – that’s my least favorite part of hipster guys)…. If you’re a girl – straight cut fringe just 2 or 3  cm above your eyebrows will add you some extra 10 hipster points (a ring in your nose also works [which is actually quite cool in my opinion <can’t say the same about the fringe though>]). And everyone should wear glasses!!! – big glasses. Round and rectangular.  Doesn’t matter that you have no problems seeing things…
  • Avoid sexy. Being too sexy is soooo anti-hipster. You have to learn to combine it well and blend it in your style. Or simply hide it in your bedroom. You are also restricted from pop music videos. Actually… POP  music is your worst enemy. Because…
  • Music is probably the first most important thing after your mom, maybe dad and food. You have to listen to everything that our parents have never heard of and always argue furiously that it is the only good music in the entire universe… And who the heck’s Scorpions anyways?
  • Sooooo.  Indie rock, dark ambient,  trash metal, new wave, jazz fusion, stoner metal, psybient, breakbeat hardcore [I’m not even kidding you]… And please don’t worry. I Googled it. I’m not lost yet. Fan of any of it? Congratulations! You’re one step closer to being approved because if you find anyone else at all on this planet who knows exactly the same band, which has like 5000 views on YouTube, you’ll be friends forever.
  • books [Read  books]. Simple as that. And some cool stuff, which makes you educated, so Coelho is not an option at all.
  • What’s more? You probably eat healthy and limit your alcohol intake. However, on occasional parties you get completely rat faced and fucked up drunk. Sooo. That was an act. By the way, you smoke during parties too. And not only cigarettes. Actually, cigarettes are so outdated.
  • In case we did not pay enough attention to the fashion section in here… Hipsters wear pants, which are usually too short, colorful sneakers, galaxy and double exposure shirts and prefer brands, which are not too well know [God forsake… they’re too pop (and expensive, aren’t they? haha, but let’s pretend they’re just too mainstream)] but sound super cool like for example Làbà dienà from Lithuania. I know… Weird. It is actually quite expensive. Well, anyways.
  • Hipsters should know at least some things about good wine, beer or whiskey as well. That’s pretty necessary. SMART, remember?
  • VERY IMPORTANT. Hipsters are not only smart, they pursue their dream career goals. They are usually very good designers, bloggers (haha…yeah…I know), architects, programmers; and they absolutely love Apple production. Well… maybe Android phone might work, but … Mac adds some extra points.
  • Because STYLE matters. Hipsters are highly sensitive to beauty. Oh for sure. That’s where the fashion comes from! And that’s why they also tend to use Instagram more than Facebook (and also because it’s less pop). Whatsapp’s cool too.

What else? Hmmm. Friends, serious work, parties, credibility and creativity, traveling, live music   and  time alone. Colors, books {yeah yeah, I said it before} and lots of other good stuff.

You might think that I made fun here but actually I was pretty serious. I really  kinda  love hipster culture. After all, it’s much better than destructive movements. This particular subculture is highly tolerant, proactive and productive. I like   it actually! Well… Except for the beards, fringes and the weirdest music on earth. But overall… It makes me believe that humanity might not be lost yet. We’re very slowly moving towards a little bit more understanding and not that damage oriented society. Because ENVIRONMENT matters. People’s FEELINGs matter. WE matter. Our DREAMS and LOVES and likes & dislikes – EVERYTHING matters.

P.s. I wished to take this pic for a long time [the one below].  To throw all the little things that matter to me and define me. And that’s what came out of it.

Anyways, if I had to choose only three out of them, it would be: my diary, shoes and… a bottle of wine OBVIOUSLY.

Cheers! xoxo

hipster ME

Little bits of Justina

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