The (un)usual routine


Today’s stop is schloss Neuschwanstein –  a castle in Bavaria, Germany, which greatly inspired the famous genius Walt Disney. Today’s stop is also yet another trip to self-exploration, so here we go. Dig on deeper.

Part 1. Why do I write?

– So what do you usually do on your free-time?
– Well… first of all, there’s no ‘usual’ in my life, but I guess… I write.

Sounds silly and most of the time I get that weird look, like ‘wtf’ is she talking about. But. But! It is how it is. Writing pretty much defines me. I write for living, I write diaries, I write here. Words follow me everywhere I go and in all parts of my routine (which is non existent actually [but that’s part 3]). Writing is pretty much the only stable thing in my life for the last 3 years…

How did it start? When I was 6, I went to a children camp (sounds weird) and took a notebook (nope, not the laptop, the simple paperback). My mom suggested me to write about what I do. My typical input each day was something like “for breakfast we ate sausages with cabbage…”. And yep, that’s about it. Oh, except for the fact that I won a dancing competition.

Later on I continued writing and it especially emerged during my teenage years. Sadly enough, most of my quotes back then sounded like “I can’t stand another day in the hospital, it makes me sick to bones”. Yes, it’s hard to live when your life guidance is torn from you and overshadowed by the cancer ghost. When I lay my eyes on these words today, I am so very glad, that I wasn’t stupid enough to find my revelation in more  dangerous ways than writing.

Once I found strength again and became a young woman, my whole world was shaken by romance. Infatuation(s)  ruled  the  papers for impressively long time. Of course I wrote about other things too… Like parties or the huge mission {impossible} called ‘what do I wanna do in my life’ a.k.a. search of my one true self.

And then it cracked again. I was once more transformed by the unimaginable and completely overwhelming beauty of the world and it’s people. The era of the Choochootrip began. And it slowly brought me to the high-tech world. So  Mesdames et Messieurs,  I found the combination, at least for now. I am proud to say – I am quite content with what I’ve become.

So yes, my dear, the next time you give me that weird look “writing during  your free time?”- I’ll say. ‘YES’. That’s what I do. Oh, and I experience too – the never ending unusual of my life.


Magic. From a different perspective. It’s a beauty only you can feel. It’s personal – it’s yours. That’s why I won’t show off any of the á la google Walt Disney’s castle – schloss Neuschwanstein. This is my castle. Even if it’s only the reflection on my not-so-perfect Nokia’s screen. But it’s mine. And – it is different. Don’t you agree?

Part 2. Would you wish to live in Utopia?

Ačiū [ˈaːtʃʲuː], but NO, thanks.

People always talk about it. THE UTOPIA – the  imaginary place in which the government, laws, and social conditions are perfect (Merriam-Webster, 2016). But how easily we use this word, while not many of us have  ever truly got acknowledged to it – the original More’s idea.

I was not an exception. Till now. And  no wonder that a 500-year old book is a  no description for a perfect life for me. How could I explain  the idea in one word? UNIFORMITY. No uniqueness. No freedom. No chaos. And I bet that even chaos is necessary  sometimes.

I’ll shortly introduce you to a one study – Mice experiment.  The results of it proved that exposed to perfect living conditions, animals became expressively violent, they started having crooked eating habits like bulimia  or anorexia. Narcissism was also one of the behavior changes as some of the mice cared only about grooming their fur, perfect diet  and exercise. The scientist noted that on the other hand, these individuals were comparably  stupid. Finally there were ones who became asocial outcasts and at the end…

The entire mice population perished in 50 years.

What’s my point in it? I don’t know exactly. Just kinda felt like  talking about it. Oh yes, it helps me justify my way of life. That I don’t follow the common norms of my home country. Comfort   has not yet reached me. I am still highly struggling to put my life in order. And once it happens… I hope I’ll stay the same and won’t become one of those poor extinction destined animals.


*don't pretend it ain't cool

Part 3. My routine

What do you usually do? With whom do you usually spend your free time? Where do you usually meet your parents and what do you do together? What are your hobbies? Your best friends? Where do you live?

I cannot answer any of these questions. There’s no usually left in my dictionary. New? Well that sounds like everyday more to me. lol

And no wonder, that I’m becoming a bit tired. THOUGH. I’m stocked again of what good could a moment’s notice bring.  Guess why I cry nowadays these days… I can’t cope with my emotions! I cannot cope with all the cool stuff  I face.

Sounds ridiculous? My days  look quite ridiculous sometimes.


Another reflection on the mirror. Another day. Another location. Another, other, neither. Is it ever going to be the same..? We’ll see!

The ending notes.

One weekend.
Three countries.
One motorbike (!)
One missed train.
Three times rocks.
Two White Russians.
One dip in the lake.
Three restaurant meals.
Mhmm. Quite a few beers.
One rucksack.
Four cups of coffee.
Two castles from afar (did I mention  Hogenschwangau?).
One bottle of wine.
Two brezels.

One || drop of magic.
All in all  >>>  just a casual weekend at this time of the year.

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