Newly Swissed: 8<3

Eight Loves.


THE SOUND: Like cutting steel.

I mean. Say it out loud… ZÜRICH. No matter in which language or dialect you say it… It sounds like putting sharp blade on steel. And cutting it right away. It sounds so dark, rainy powerful and hip. And somehow strong… And familiar. Like Gotham. Haha. I love it. I literally never liked a name of the city that much. Well, maybe South Lake Tahoe too… But that’s totally different story. It sounds Mellow. 😉



THE LAKE: Zürichsee

Do I need to say anything else? Ooh yeah 😉




That’s a metaphor and yep, it’s about my job. It’s been going great in my life as I never yet had a chance to work at a place, which sucks. So, I’m so so so happy, that I’m not one of those who has to suffer at work, I’m enjoying it! And I really feel like I’m growing – and that’s the best part of it 🙂




I don’t know… Maybe It just happens to be so, but all the people I meet here, are so smart! Doing some crazy things for their living and .. they’re just so interesting to talk to! Someone’s in laser technology, somebody is doing bio tissue engineering.. Quite some are in high tech software dev, banking, international law… Working in Google, biggest and craziest banks in Switzerland or doing research in some of the best universities in the world. Yeah… Kinda motivates me to continue on studying!! 😀


Party Scene: WOW

I definitely infinitely love partying in Zürich. Like for real man. Hey … but I think, you’ve heard about it before, right? Well, then this time I’ll mention some of the places one should go. And so it would be the famous street: Langstrasse, Hardbrücke; clubs like PLAZA for hip-hop or La Catrina  for alternative stuff… Bars like The Lounge Im Park Hyatt Hotel  for sophisticated and expensive cocktails, Edi’s Weinstube  for cheap wine in a porn cinema environment, Stube… for making friends and standing outside with a cigarette :D, Old Crow   for a cozy drink with a friend or Andorra for Belgian beer and funny bartender. Also, restaurants and cafes like Bodega Española  for amazing tapas, Stripped Pizza  for hip pizzas, Hiltl  for vegetarian food (!!!) and so on… So much more on 😉


Men. Period.

They’re handsome. They’re smart [intelligent, yes yes yes!]! Funny and not afraid to do smth for f’s sake! Finally, I’m in the land where pick-up lines actually do exist (not like in Lithuania) and they’re {sometimes} not even entirely stupid (not like in southern countries..). Also, I love it, that men are quite often confident here. Sweeet. They have hobbies, friends and are just exactly the way I always thought well… it’s just normal so to be. Haha. [[Of course there are many exception here too… but I’m just that kind of person – I forget the bad and only remember the good.]]

And it’s great not only for romance, guys! I’m a little careful with it lately. It’s awesome because you can actually have just a nice nice time, dance, talk and make friends!(?) I know, I’m still naive. But… girl’s and guy’s friendships do exist, right? 😉


WG: Home. Finally. Indeed.


If it wasn’t for my amazing flat and my awesome roommates, I wouldn’t probably enjoy Zürich as much as I do now.  It’s the highlight of my everyday routine. Definitely, totally and with no doubt.

My room with it’s sweet white furniture and a big mirror… so as the princessish towerish windows to the busy street. Our crazy big speakers in the living room, which is [I’m not kidding] bigger than the majority of bars in Zürich.. Our weekly totally random dinners, that vary from spaghetti and cheese to grilled halloumi, salad, wine and … well. Spaghetti ;D .

Late nights in front of Netflix and it’s weirdest shows like Penny Dreadful (, Stranger Things or West World (yeah yeah… that doesn’t really work). Occasional nights out with unlimited beers and ..haha men around me :DD. After all, I must have been special to be the first girl to live in this flat in 6 years. Or at least I would like to think so…

And of course – future plans. The raclette evening, learning to ski, parties, birthdays and wine festivals. But most importantly – the guys – breaking all stereotypes of what a true boring and reserved Swiss person is supposed to be..


Continuation: Enabled

Short as that… To be Continued. No End. Yes. Damn right. That is exactly what I love the most about my new home. I do not have to leave it. I can live it! I can stack my stuff in the shelves and invest in my furniture. Wow, how unusual is that?…

So after so many days, weeks and months, I finally found a place I’m very happy to call HOME. Damn right.

I am home.

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