Hello, it’s me

My name  is   Justina [Kostinaité].

… and I personally think that the two best things in the world are Alsatian  wine and red lipstick. 🥂💄


Now as the ice is broken you probably think that I’m at least a little bit weird… though  might be catchy too?

Look - it's me dancing at Jungfraujoch

Look – it’s me dancing at Jungfraujoch

P.s. few important facts:

  • I come from Lithuania
  • I live in Zürich
  • I work as a MarComm Manager @ a high-tech start up
  • My biggest hero is my dad (and yes, he’s on the cover of this blog)
  • I love rain ‘” and dancing! Dancing in the rain even better!
  • And I am passionate about creative writing, cutting edge technologies and proactive teams with a good vibe.

I composed this blog to talk, mainly broadcast my brain flow for different matters, both professional and personal. Get to know me just a little if you wish right here.

Me. Good.


And finally… if you really scrolled till the bottom… you might as well watch this video. It’s like one of the coolest things I’ve ever had an honor to be featured in!!! It’s set in States though… and that’s another story…


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