The “schöne diese” manifesto

Preamble: for those who’ve never heard of this.

“Schöne diese” as a German saying doesn’t really make sense. It’s grammatically incorrect. And no one, who actually speaks German, would ever say it. BUT. It was created by a group of international people who met in Zürich, a city where nobody actually speaks German anyways, they speak Swiss-German. Therefore “Schöne diese” was born. A ridiculous, nonsensical saying to illustrate our life in Züri. Which is in fact —> Schöne diese.


I’m sitting on my bed, surrounded by bouquets of flowers, sipping honey tea and enjoying the melting dark dark Belgian chocolate in my mouth… with a hint of fleur de sel. Mhmmm. Schöne diese. And then I smile, I smile so much that I even feel a happy tear or two being pressed to the sides of my eyes. A pink lama is comfortably sitting on my window shelf. So silly. Another silly thing is a unicorn laying on my bed… and a rainbow apple watch on my wrist giving me rewards for any movement that I do throughout the day.

Schöne diese.

I can’t help but smile even more remembering the rising smoke and fire sparkles from a last sleepover at my friends’ place. A sleepover? Yes. And yes, I’m 28. Turning 29. Nevertheless, I think that people of all ages should do exactly that. Something so simple. So easy. One might say silly. With no expectations, just an open heart. And eyes hungry for experiences and surprises. 

Wirklich schöne diese. People make it, people break it. As I’ve said it before. It’s so nice. You’re nice. We can agree that this all is very nice. Nothing else but people. People are my home. My home, where my heart is. And recently it’s been here. In this beautiful circle of silly people. Who are all suprised how far they’ve come to deserve such friendships, such loves. Who are not afraid to laugh at themselves. Who are all so beautiful. Who are inclusive. Who create. Joy. Excitement. Art. Memories. Beautifulness. Seems like never ending eye contact spiralling several layers deep.


And laughter so loud you almost feel ashamed when you hear it roar! And then… You don’t care. Because you know that you’re the happiest you could be. When you realise that the only thing that was lacking in the moment was… absolutely nothing. It was simply perfect. As it was. You did not think. You were just there. Pure You. And that’s me. And all is said. 

There is nothing to prove, nothing to show off. There are no reasons to be right. You can just be exactly as you are. And no one hopes to change you, no one expects anything more from you. Just being in this moment together. Just breathing the same air. Sharing a memory. Sharing ideas. Sharing life.

Schöne diese. Sooo… what’s that? Exactly this. 😉 it’s never talking about work… well. Maybe just sometimes. It’s judging people not by what they own or what they wear… But by who they are. Because lol, what they wear is who they are. So actually… not judging at all? Accepting everything and not expecting. It’s painting in the evening and then hanging this silly masterpiece on the wall! It’s hiking for 12 hours.. or not, and dancing all day… or all night! It’s having strawberries for breakfast, having conversations on the phone, it’s looking at the fire, it’s truly listening to music… It’s being inspired by each other. It’s never forgetting anyone. That’s schöne diese! And having so much fun that every time you’re left there standing breathless! It’s always trying new things… It’s being honest… with your words, with your eyes, with your full being. To yourself and to another. Honest and real. And that’s schöne diese.

Because no one can define who you are. You even cannot. You’re different in every situation with every person and on any surface. Schöne diese is in constant change. It’s never boring. Because life’s not boring ;). Schöne diese is never giving up and being not too serious. Deep is good, but why so serious? It’s taking yourself out of your head and doing. Just do it. As Nike says. It’s living. Truly living not inside your thoughts but… in real(ity). With another. It’s life. Real life. Life in technicolour. In all the colours. Fully. And always with an open heart. With love. 

Because truly, how you do anything is how you do everything. Make love with life. Make love with tasting chocolate. Make love with sadness. Make love with that coffee cup. Actually taste it. Truly love when you hug a friend, just press a little harder. Just hold a little tighter. Because it’s really schöne diese and it will never be the same. And don’t expect it to be… just take everything in. With your schöne diese heart, and schöne Leute on the side. 

Added bonus.

If schöne diese was an NFT… It would be similar to crypto punks. Schöne diese would be forever changing. Its logo would always be different. There would be no 2 pieces of the same. We would hire young artists to create their versions of the schöne diese logo. And then we would sell them as separate NFTs… And the young artists would profit from their genuine art. And we would wear those t-shirts to festivals. And everyone would ask us, where… Where could they get one? You cannot get the same one. You can get yours. Something special and just one of a kind. Because schöne diese is one of a kind. Each second and moment and breath. 

Scöne diese would host events. Not just parties (but also parties!). But crawling dinners and book club meetings. Chocolate tastings, painting and craft parties… Sleep overs of many many people! Pillow fights and movie nights. Schöne diese would be events where kids and adults would be equals and would play the same games and have same fun together. Where no one would laugh at each other but together! Where there would be no reason to check the time, because… it wouldn’t matter. 

Schöne diese would be responsible and caring. Wouldn’t trash but grow. Would not break but create. There would be schöne diese gardens with many colourful flowers and ripe tomatoes. There would even be raspberries. And mint, lots of mint! To make schöne diese also virgin mojitos. Schöne diese would be vegetarian, and carnivore and omnivore. Schöne diese would be a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle. It would be funny, silly and it would be loud!

You could stay in a schöne diese airbnb. Maybe schöne diese should be an airbnb? Like Danish Hygge. Schöne diese is a lifestyle. Damn right! Which we could share. With anyone who is schöne. It would be a beautiful colourful house like those on the way to Pokhara in Nepal… Where people wouldn’t be afraid to laugh and create. Where children would be not only allowed but encouraged to paint on walls. Where “Dings” would never be more important than people. Where there would be no place for böse, only understanding. Where there would be no judgement, only curiosity. Where child and parent would be alike. Teaching and learning. And there would be no conformity, but sense. 

Schöne diese would be slightly psychedelic. Bursting with creativity. Pulsating with love. And full of joy and peace. And the tears would be wiped with kisses. And the bruises would be mended with care. Where I would hug you without fear. And hold you close for as long as I wanted. During daytime too. 

That’s what it would be. That’s what it is. As simple as that. Einfach Schöne diese.

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