Exceptional. Iceland.

Iceland, May 2018

Special things in life require effort. Or at least that’s my opinion…

I don’t believe that the best things are free or usually take you by surprise. At least from my experience the most exceptional things happen when you invest time and energy, when you work for it, when you walk a long way and maybe even plan a bit.

Sometimes it’s even painful or lonely to walk that way. Sometimes on the way you crouch and cry and say you can’t go on… And then you stand again and walk towards your goal a little braver than before…


One of the last big glaciers in the world – Svínafelsjökull is also the first on my glacier list. All I learned walking on the thick ice explained me the geological formations much better than my books from the primary school.


First geysers in my life! Actually, did you know that the very word ‘geyser’ originates from the Icelandic Geysir — one of the famous geysers in the island.

Often exceptional things are our own obvious choices. The trip you want to plan, the job you want to take, the friendship you want to keep, the language you want to lear, the love you want to give. And yes they all come with a price.

Aspire to have a good education? — you have to study smart. Wish to have true friends? — it’ll take time, effort and understanding… Want to have exceptional relationship? — well… first you have to be exceptional yourself…


Diamond beach on the Northern Iceland’s coast is like a glacier cemetery. It brakes there, melts and dwells into the sea.


The unexpected gem in Iceland — Siglufjörður town. Just so cozy, colourful and cute, and definitely with the best Fish & Chips served in my life.



<<< The 10 day trip to Iceland in the spring of 2018 was exceptional indeed and not by a mere chance, but because it involved a lot of will, curiosity and effort. To be fair, let’s not forget the tons of *infatuation* and “all of that” stuff too.

It was nothing like my previous crazy wanders. Here I was not searching for anything. I had it all. And no matter where did I lay my head on – a comfy guesthouse pillow or a cold rocky ground below my sleeping matt – I had it all right there, right then.

driving ring road

Driving around the island was an incredible delight. The scenery kept changing every hundred kilometres we made. From mossy beaches, to staggering mountains, to black sand planes. It was absolutely fantastic to see this change slowly, also felt like a meditation. The road was easy, straight and calm. And there was no chance to run late…

I never was the one to lay on beaches (okay okay, sometimes for a couple of hours…) or simply chillin’ through my life. I always aimed for adventure, for saturated life, for a rich mind blowing moment.

But’s it’s just so much more rewarding to storm with a calm heart, with certainty, with comfort that’s just right there. I’m glad I did that, I’m glad I’m here. Let’s see what future got in stakes for me!>>>

reyinisfjara beach

The famous Reynisfjara beach, the black dangerous and wild coast attracting not only tourists but also camera crews from around the world. In this particular pic you can see a cave of volcanic origin. Agree. It’s kind of surreal.

Grjotagja cave iceland

Grjotagja cave. With water 38 degrees warm all year long. Something I’ve never seen before. [A funny story though is that we visited the cave at like 6 o’clock in the morning, since we couldn’t sleep in our tent because of how loud the wind was. We definitely avoided the tourist rush hours. #hihi ]

skiing in Iceland

A pity though that our plan to ski in Iceland didn’t work out this time. I even bought new off-piste skis before the trip! Well apparently, don’t plan you skiing holidays in Iceland in May, there are better times for that 😉

<And yes, by now I know what it takes. And I’m ready for that. I want to be exceptional, I aim to create exceptional…

What about you?>

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