From Vegas to Dead Sea

The funny thing is that this post is not about traveling. It’s about coming home. And not about something new, but about things that last. I stay. You stay. She stays. They’re still there. And I’m still here. Even though I’ve been there and here. But I’m right here, Right beside you. It’s so great to have home! It’s so great to be home.

In between the lines

I felt the heat licking my legs when I rode past. It was a gentle lover’s touch on my bare skin. My shoulders, arms, my face. Somehow my legs felt like being kissed and cuddled by the sweet summerish wind. This very same wind that yesterday brought storms and vivid menthol smell into our living room. I wasn’t driving fast nor slow. I had nowhere to rush and no reason to be late.

The people I passed by rarely caught my attention. I realised that I’m not that interested in them anyways… A small puppy, a sunshine through the trees, a smell of freshly cut grass, a baby swan – the whole different matter though.

I drove along the river. I never knew that summers in Zurich could be as warm. So warm that they could set my heart on fire.

Now I was besides the lake. One that fascinates me like no other. Its magical and calm beauty… The mountains in the background. The silver glitter on the surface.

I stopped at my favourite spot where once my bike fell on the ground… and I had fallen with it. Not on the ground though. Into a pink and fluffy cloud. Into the daylight dream.


When hot rock interest you more that human nature.. Man, that’s not even nature anymore. ||Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Wow, there’s been some traveling. Some hop hop hoppin’ ’round the world. And changes! So many nice sweet changes and smells and friends. But somethings are different now as well. The ones that do not change. They stay. And that’s the most exciting change of all.

*Head picture – West Wall in Jerusalem

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