A Real Boring Life in a WG

Where once again I have to ask – “C’mon Switzerland, are you for reals?”. And once again I have to say… “I can’t. I just can’t take it”. Gryon, Vaud

Some people say they like to live alone. They need their time. Their rest. Well… Screw all that (excuse my language). — You know, I live with 4 other people. Not people even! They’re all some sort of super heroes. Capable of things they themselves don’t know… Creating tiny little miracles every day. Sparking ideas, life, love and tickling each other’s sanity with every honest moment, a puff or a joke.

Sometimes I literally feel like I’d be living in a University. Or in a Big Bang Theory so to say… Cultures, politics, physics, quantum mechanics, children, food, music, travels… I mean!! C’mon. Diversity! Everything. Learning how to… Learning about… Love and relationships, friendships, biology and programming. Every simple extraordinary day there’s something new – we touch the meaning of universe(s) and microbes in my gut.

We talk English, German and Swiss German. We talk Greek, Norwegian, Minnesotan.. Lithuanian as well. We go vegan and then we melt in fondue. We drink cocktails on Wednesdays and smoke before we watch an awkward animation. We throw parties just occasionally. And we heal each other. Then we laugh and laugh once more. We plan. We do. We hope. We try. We learn. And we embrace the perfect moment of this tiny little miracle we call Forchstrasse 186.

“So what did you do yesterday?” – One could ask.

“Well… I came home and G told me about how he hacked the website to automate the flat search. And that was how he got into our WG. In the meanwhile, V was drawing unicorns and Ricks and Mortys on huge IKEA cardboard boxes. Then D and M came home, and we all had some Mary J (ya know…) and watched some Horton Hears a Who!, though couldn’t understand it clearly….”

“And then the other day we decided to go out for a drink. And then <totally unpredictably> we got a ride in a BMW convertible. The driver played music just so loud that we weren’t even ashamed anymore… And then we went to a “street food circus”, which literally looked like it could have been transported right from the Burning Man…”

“And then we came home with loves and lovers, drank two bottles of cheap and not so cheap wines… We watched projections of molecules in raindrops on our living room wall… And played with laser lights…

And then we had American pancakes for breakfast.”

Fribourg, Café Belvedere

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