“One Greek salad and a tzatziki to share please!”


“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” Marcus Aurelius

Almyrida & the Greek shock (FOOOOOD is awesome*****mazing)

Greek Salad:

The best recipe for a delicious family vacation. It’ll make your eyes hungry and mouth watery, your muscles sore and your camera loaded!

  • one family of 5
  • The biggest Greek island a.k.a Crete
  • 10 days
  • 2 hospitable strangers\friends
  • a splash of olive oil (works no other way in Greece)
  • some sea-salt and a pinch pepper
  • turquoise waters… .. . . .. …
  • and… don’t forget the rakı!

Emprosneros & little kitties made me feel like… yo I’m 3 again!!!

Damn. .. Hübsch, oda?

I never ever wanted to learn something as bad. I never wished both so bald and simple before. Somehow I know now that life is not linear anymore. It’s everything together – past and future intertwined in present. 

A family vacation. This incredible bond which we still  enjoy even we’ve fled our homes.  5 crazy different people! And yet we work for each other. We argue and swear and push each other to grow. And that’s exactly how we grow! We’re mad, we’re sad, we’re happy, we laugh. We share everything. The love grows and magic happens. Impossible become reality!

Such simple magics and glorious routines. Aha.

Rethymno & Elafonissi

What does this picture make you think of? Chilling and grilling in the sun? Oh Nein! It’s swordfishes under water!!!

4 Little orange antennas drift in the water maybe 10 meters away from me. I’m sitting on a rock and waves threaten to make me wet. My stomach and eyes are full. My nose is clogged. How is it possible to get sick when outside’s air is warmer than the temperature of my body? Yet here I sit, while my companions are snorkeling maybe 10 meters away from me.   .

Another wave roars at me. I’m not afraid. I’m sunken again in my own universe. Like back then when I was three. And when my grandma used to ask… “In what world you’re today, Justina?”.

The dreams don’t have to be feasible. They take a lifetime. They’re dreams and one should close the eyes while chasing them …and wake up with even more impossible to come.

Makry Gialos

One of those pics where my dad had to take on photographer’s role… Sorry not sorry.


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