Deus Caritas Est


There is no end to war. No end to party. No end to love. Not even end to life. Everything just keeps on rolling and rolling. Repeating itself.. Extending.. Continuing. Stopping and starting right over again.
It all depends on certain little tiny steps each of us take. And later it rolls out like a butterfly effect… Why did I meet you? When I think clearly it seems like it was quite impossible? And yet… the decisions we both and the others made in life lead us to this very moment… A point of no return. We can’t get back and it’s never gonna be over. It cannot be unchanged.
What is love? Maybe it’s God. But I don’t believe in God. For me love is probably the strongest force of evolution which rolls the universe and which runs us – humans. It drives us do the things we do, those crazy adventures. It forces us to live. To laugh. And no one is capable to live without it.
Maybe we fall in love with people because of our 6th sense… our gut feeling, our inner God… who knows, that it is required for life. By evolution. Maybe the sons and daughters of our sons and daughters will be the ones defining big times. Maybe only the exact combination of certain genes could create a genius defining our paths.
And the stupidest thing is that… it all seems so incredibly unimportant. Because my universe is shaken by you. My skin gets goose bumps when I think of you and this very thought makes me totally foolish. 
Yes I am pretty sure. Love is evolution. Love of parents, love of comrades, love of lovers. ‘Couse even when we drown and life is slowly creeping out of our bodies… The last things we see are the faces of our loved ones. A very smart trick of evolution to force us fight for that one breath which could save our lives and the lives of others.

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