An extra paced/spiced Italy 🐣 Easter abroad vol. 2

Milano,  Rome, Naples, Florence, Como. Italy.

Very hard day to concentrate. Almost impossible. Pace, heat, emotions. Life! Live. Chaos. Different wavelengths… Cola with wine and mountains of gelato. Yes, chaos… a fatal pink salty caramel chaos in my heart… with tiny colorful fireworks exploding around me.

From Michelin star to McDonald’s and Neapolitan street sandwiches. From dirty á lá ghettos to glittering Florence perfections. From shiny surfaces, to dust… Italy is everything.

And as I have always said… It doesn’t matter where, only with whom. Only with whom…


Spice, cold, heat. Uhh. Wind, sun and.. wine! More seafood? A hint of danger!  Something incredibly tasty. Olive oil? Salt.. Gelato. Calvin Klein. And more wine. Music.. Red ties and pink shirts. Alexander McQueen, Emporio Armani and cocktails for 5 euros.  I don’t wanna dance with nobody  (Alex Vargas). And I cannot stop laughing. I’m alive.  Alive again!

Italy is crazy! Definitely one of my favorite holiday destinations ever. It’s so close but also so far.  So tasty and stylish. Always vibrant, never disappoint and most importantly – never boring!

Groovy streets in Rome always busy with tourists and loud Italians on their handies (smartphone in Swiss-German)!

Hidden romantic spots in yo yo yes again – Rome!

Vatican City. There’s something about it. The brilliance in the photo? The touch of a sorbet sunset?

Neapolitan market… At night looking like a ghetto.

Hell yeah! Mount Vesuvius. Or should I say… volcano?

Hot. Actually not. Not at all. But Meloncelo’s hot. Luved it.

Extremes in Naples. Trash and glitter.

Apparently, Florence has one of the prettiest churches in the world. The beauty doesn’t fit in the picture. 😦

So many things!!!! Doesn’t fit in my tiny immense heart…. Yes, it does. Yes… it does. 🙂

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