“I’m a Jeanny in a bottle, baby!”// Merry XMAS everyone!

Klaipėda, LT // Strasbourg, FR // Fribourg, CH // Zürich, CH 
25th of Dec, 2016

..I must have done something right.

I mean, I should have, have  I not?

I had an amazing – BIG year this year. I’m not gonna brag much about it because I just don’t feel like blabla’ing. But heck. This year! Oh man. I wouldn’t have dreamt about it in my wildest dreams!! So rich, so saturated, so bright, so EMOTIONAL, so hot! Without the cherry on the top though – with 5 though! :DD  …Mhmm.

I’ll tell the story once again… through images.

I’ll inhale  the scent, sense the warmth of the air, hear the sounds that led me through the amazing year of   Two thousand sixteen. And hope.. Yes! Hope. That next year will bring me some comforting routine, a little less of crazy changes and more warmth.

Maybe also. Something of what I want the most. More of dreams that materialize in the best possible manner. Less of struggle and more people who’ll care about my fire inside. Yes yes, it’s gonna bring exactly that. It always does. When I need it the most.!! 🙂



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