Internationality 🐒

Part 1:  Cosmo 🙈

I’m definitely not a typical Lithuanian. And I’m sure you’re not a typical German or You are not a typical Swiss at all. You know, we’re different now, we’ve changed and our old friends don’t understand us anymore. So as We do not understand them. Country, language, color, religion.. How does that all matter? It does not. Or at least not for us. Not anymore. 

We’re the new generation – the new force that runs and turns the world. We’re all extremely different, but in a way… We’re all actually the same. We’ve left our boxes, our comfort zones – we’ve fled our home. For what? For MORE. For the sake of curiosity. Damn right. Curiosity. And the World. The WHOLE, not just a piece, not just a tiny bit but it ALL.

Never forget who you are and what you really want!!! Because otherwise.. If you just take what there is, you will never be fulfilled. Happy? Maybe, but not full.

Oh damned damned Zurich. SO many people. So many beautiful and interesting people. Seriously, it’s one of those places I would like to live and stay longer. [No shit, girl – you’re here!].  And you are one of them! And who is them?


Nationality – The internationals. Same as me boy. Same as me girl.

As I’ve always said: “it doesn’t matter where, it only matters with whom”.

Part 2: Night Is My Favorite Time Of The Year 👻

You  damn boys…

Those smarties – in business costumes and suitcases in their  hands.  Mister   chocolates in red sneakers and  soft dark  skin… The hipsters in torn bruised jeans, with  cheeky sunglasses on their heads and a little too-long beards. The  athletes running past, so  lost in thoughts…  And  rebels on their skateboards, strolling  the streets with  long curls  dancing in the wind

It’s all so lovely. Sweet sweet honey enveloping my heart.

One sharp look in the eyes. A smile.  Maybe a dance. A hand on the hand.  A little discomfort.  And a loud loud laugh. Sometimes a drink or two and maybe an exchange of a number.  Some “you’re pretty” or “you have amazing hair”.  A sneaky hug and then good bye.
That’s it. The night fades out. You gotta wake up. You go to work.

A meet up, expectation… Well handsome damn indeed, but heck.. What’s missing there?  And then another night sneaks in. And magic’s here again. And life brings chills again. For one night only.

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