Happy Halloween || People

OMG. “I am awoken from the Lethargic sleep”. And girl, “you got fire!”


People Make It || People Break It
Wanna get a damn good Halloween recipe? Here we go folks! And… Why So Serious???

  • Some make up 👻
  • Fake lenses to make you cry for real
  • A lot of wine. LIKE A LOT
  • Few open minded party people
  • Two best Zürich party places a.k.a. Langstrasse & Hardbrücke (I really love those two dots..)
  • Some amazing dance moves! Literally.. I stopped thinking for a moment.. Maybe two 🙈
  • Hip-hop! Finally!
  • New connections
  • Compliments… Indeed.
  • TONS of pictures
  • Releasing my inner makeup  artist! “You know me for like for 10 min and I’m already touching your lips!”.
  • 1 hour +
  • Getting back home at 7 a.m. [don’t forget… 1 hour +]

Damn indeed. I feel so too. Like finally being awake. Rather live and young! Züri nightlife is making me live again! I somehow thought that those days are gone way back in  school times, but definitely not! It’s still possible to find people who’d party till 8 in the morning! And ooh. They’re not only that.. Not at all. They’re international successful beautiful people,  and most importantly – they are alive! And they’re young no matter how old they are. I love it. 😍

I simply love Zürich with all it’s creepy and gorgeous places!

Happy Halloween to all! Nice and calm All Saints Day for tomorrow…:)


One of my friends once told me: “wow, you certainly know how to enjoy life”. The other said: “you always have money, don’t you? You go everywhere!”. I wasn’t quite sure about both remarks. But now I start to understand. I really do start to know for sure how to make the best out of my life…

Suicide squad

Don’t Be Too   Serious..

And for the end, some Halloween’ish stuff    here:  Giger’s art.

& P.S. I looked pretty that day two.. for an hour or so 👌🏻

Pretty for an hour


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