Night Out In Züri: weirdos, prostitutes and CHF11 for a beer


Night sky on Lake Zurich


Last night I went out for one drink as I had to go to Constance the next day. I came back home at 6.30 in the morning though wasn’t planning on that. Honestly. And something I do not plan, doesn’t usually happen. Unless, it’s pretty damn tempting. Oh and yes, I  did not manage to go to Constance after all. Sorry. NEXT TIME FOR SURE! I mean it.

Once you’re in Zürich you know what I’m talking about. Langstrasse is the place to be. No matter if it’s Thursday night or Friday, I can assure you – there’s weird stuff going on over there. If you want it – you got it.  Overcrowded messy bars and all types of people just waiting to have some totally not sober   fun, which is not limited to beers and cocktails… Wink wink. Ya know whut I mean.

Langstrasse is something you least expect to find in  a fairy tail -ishly nice city of Swiss dream. It’s all you don’t think could be   there: trash,  masses and crowds, smoke, breaking glass, scary faces, guys who don’t feel the limits, alcohol, drugs, prostitutes and transvestites on the corners…  Even fights and angry barman.  OOOh. And everything comes for ridiculously high price. 11 Francs for a beer and 15 for Whiskey Sour.

But guys, I gotta tell you. I LOVE IT. It’s everything but boring!! It’s so colorful and vivid and always unpredictable.. Seriously, we went out just the two of us, but ended up with 10 (I guess…. 10?) cool people who were simply up for some moves ‘couse a little party never killed nobody! And there are no weird limitation for with whom you should talk or with whom you shouldn’t (e.g. for an hour or so we simply talked with a little overdosed     70-year old gentleman, who had traveled around the world 45 years ago and saw those awesome German pilots landing on The Red square in Moscow). Or… What you should drink and what you shouldn’t. It feels somehow free and .. Not boring, just not boring..

YES, Züri nightlife seems to be promising. And YES. I really hope to have some more Fridays like that again. And even better ones..
So text me maybe?

Drunken Zürich in the night

Ingredients for a Crazy Friday

  • Langstrasse
  • A companion with no barriers in her   head
  • 4 beers and 1 cocktails
  • 1 homeless weirdo asking for CHF 3
  • 2 bible addicts   wishing to bring us back to faith
  • 1 bar full of old white and young black clients and customers $$$
  • 2 amazing girls (almost  Swedish..)
  • Mint/Blackcurrant (whuut?) smoke
  • 1 spilled beer
  • 1 “I think I know you”
  • 6(?) of them
  • Club   Revier & wtf is the DJ   playing (or why don’t they just serve drugs)
  • Two of those who couldn’t take their hands of
  • One almost-a-fight
  • A match, which theoretically could have worked but too much alcohol was involved
  • A really long way home… .. . and a prank in the end haha #sorrynotsorry

Why you had to die?

And yet… Why do I have to pick the scattered glass again.

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