Yer too meh for tha’, eh?

Hey you,

yes you. The one who’s reading it now. Don’t pretend that I’m talking to anyone else – I’m talking to you.  Damn right you.

When was the last time you said “yes, of course, let’s do it”! No matter that you had a  little bit too little money or  a little  bit too little time… But you did not care. When was the last time you stepped out of your self made box and overcame the barriers existing only in your head?

Or did you… miss the chance? The opportunity or just a simple moment’s notice when you should’ve actually done something?  When did you turn down your mom’s call because you were… watching an episode of   Narcos?  Or you didn’t text your friend back because… whatever the reason could be. I just cannot think of one.

Or maybe you were too afraid  to try..  To try to talk, to try to walk, to try to try. To really put in some effort. To write a mail, to send a postcard. To be the one who creates life and not just floats on the surface.

When was the last time YOU created a miracle? A smile on the face, a flame in the heart or trust in the eyes…? When you weren’t afraid you’re gonna be taken for a fool and just said ‘screw it, i’ll try’!

I do it every day. I challenge myself. I crash  and get disappointed far too often, but I still try. I know it hurts when it doesn’t work, but when it does – there’s nothing worth more than that. A new friend, a new memory, a new love.

I agreed to go to Oktoberfest in 2 seconds. And guess what. It was great. Saturated, bright, colorful and funny.

Full of new experiences.
That Once Again.
Made. Me. Question. The. Old.

So… Kiss it better baby. Others dream of miracles too.
Create and be  amused  by the Gods hiding inside of you!

Oktoberfest. Munich.

BIG thanks to O.A. for the artwork ***

A few Oktoberfest numbers to keep in mind:

  • Beer: 2 maß(en) and 2 mugs
  • 1 giant swing loop (???)
  • 1 new-almost-old friend
  • 1 unsuccessful match
  • 3 different companies
  • 1 cool couchsurfer
  • 1 awesome new hairstyle
  • Several layers of red lipstick
  • 2 healthy sets of breakfast
  • 1 dance (almost) on the table
  • 2 missed calls
  • 1 shared picture (101 lol’s)
  • 1 pretzel
  • 2 coffees
  • the longest journey to the HB in my life…

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