Multiple visits.


[a surprised Austrian face]

Sorry in advance – I have no pics this time.

Why? –> 2 reasons.

  1. I forgot my camera
  2. I only take pics with my camera (my “smart” phone is nicht   smart)
  3. I did not seem to mind… I know, there had to be only 2 reasons. SRY again

But it’s all safely stored in my head. Few shots on the mountain #notyetbutcloseto the top  especially. So let’s move on.

Österreich – 3 dots as in Zürich. I like dots. Make  a word look vibrant, like even a little bit alive.
Three dot dot dots.   [Red Hot Chili Peppers – “The Longest Wave”]

Lately I really started admiring  places, which  drag me back. Not quite like ever before but also like it always was.  Lithuania – where I will come back over and over again, Zürich – which I started calling home, Dornbirn –  the  only place in Austria I visited twice, though before didn’t even know it existed.

It actually feels good to come to the same restaurant and eat a meal you noticed but did not try last time. And compare. Or pass the street you saw a black cat climbing a tree. Remember the spot on the lake where you took a pic with your friend. Or DO NOT MISS a train you failed to catch last time. lol [this one looks like a guy holding his arms in the air – lol ]. Or. See a smile you’ve seen before.

It feels somehow safe. Especially now – when I don’t have the due date anymore. I don’t have to pack my bags and leave at some set time with nothing to bring with me – just to leave.. Now everything I do is more purposeful as with no expiration date. It can last, it cannot. “As long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible.” –  Nemo from “Mr. Nobody”. And I’m so very glad that I don’t have many decisions to make now. I can relax. And mind myself. Simply see how it all goes.

Overall it’s so good to say “thanks, I had great time”. And leave three dots instead of one…

{{{There should be an awesome pic     of  canyon hike and a little waterfall  I’ve never seen before. And also… there should be a panorama shot taken from the top of the restaurant plaza where you can see the whole huge/ little town. And  of course a  landscape picture of a mountain far in front.. Taken from the kitchen where I tried wine & chilly … something. And and… I won’t tell you more. Here   should be much more than here is. Oh if only I could stream the images from my brain…}}}

Ya know. I’ve moved 16 times in my life. I have lived in 5 different countries and 8 different cities or towns. I have changed 5 schools and 4 universities so far. I have worked in 6 entirely different jobs. Most of it was short term. Most of it was great. BUT. I am tired. I am officially staying here. At least for mhmm. A year or two 😀

So … multiple visits? Yeah. I’d like that. Same stores, same house, same cafe and same bed. Hopefully, even the same people to share same experiences… Yeah, sounds like a plan for now. Doesn’t it?

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