Castaway away way way…


I was lying on the wooden floor. The sun was shining. And a stranger on my right hand side was playing piano. Practicing only. For an hour or so. And I have just had lunch. And my long-time-no-see  friend was somewhere around. And so I closed my eyes. And listened… and felt every breath of the wind. And from time to time somewhere between the reality and daylight  dreams wrapped in heart warming piano notes, I thought of dark blue sun kissed sees… As I was slowly drifting away way way…

Die Blaue Blume

Another part of the story.

Skinny dipping castaway. What did I mean? I visited a very   inspiring place. Die Blaue Blume it was called [told ya, gonna be using German more often].  Full of people who did not give a damn about the universal  opinion. Those were the guys   who were always cheerful and at all times nice to each other. People who did not limit themselves by  nowadays urban  materialistic  rules. Ignored the usual beauty standards and  much   rather  adorned their bodies and faces with bright tan and happy smiles.

A sneak-in from CA, 2 years ago.

And so we woke up in the morning. Early enough to make me  blunt to the world at first. But then we meditated and yoga outed our bad emotions.  And then we swam in the lake of Constance. I was the only one to wear a swim suit… 😉 The others.. Well, you can guess. Skinny dipping in the lake. They said next morning I’m gonna be doing that too. {I was gone before the morning sun raised {not because of that though.. {or at least not entirely}}}.

And even though, it’s not my skin nor the bones and not my lifestyle oh for sure, I was enlightened of the simplicity that they embrace. In the way they manage to cherish the nature and themselves. In the way, they actually accepted each other with all the flaws and especially the one in the mirror.

Thus yeah.  Castaway. Drifting. Smiling. Rejoicing. And actually caring. Well cheers to that guys! Cheers to you!

Das Wedding Bus

Views visiting you, when you close your eyes.
Feels coming through when you whisper goodbyes.
How did I come up to be lost in this plane…
Rejoicing and crying, no one knows – it’s the same.
When all that you wish, comes out golden for you.
Understanding will creep – gold’s not warm… So you know.
And the things you despise, seem to matter the most.
While you walk side by side the shadows of triumph.
The Unknown.

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