Staying @ Schweiz !?


But why in German? Ahaaaa. Haha. You’re following me!  You know that every detail counts. Because I’m moving from La Suisse to die Schweiz! Soon enough I will be a newly born citizen of a Germanic sided   Zürich (it’s a metaphor… of course I won’t be a citizen literally). And from now on,   guys, I’ll probably be using more German words rather than French ones in my chats… Oooh.   And what else could I say…

Yes. I’m staying in  Switzerland. Damn right, I am!

It’s not the nicest pic of mine… But anyways, who the hell is looking at me here anyways? !


“I can’t help that I need it all <…>
All I ever wanted was the world.”


Want an extra  short story about paragliding…?

We went hiking. Up (not too)  high   of a mountain in the  Schwarzee. Had a Swiss cheese  fondue  (MOITIÉ-MOITIÉ) on the  top  with oh so much of garlic and  nice white Swiss wine. Then… most of us hiked down. Two other guys just jumped of the top. Hint hint. –> They had paraglides on their backs. Wow. “I wanna do that too!” – that was all I could think of at that moment.  “Damn right, I will”.

Sun setting down.  The nature featuring mountainous scenery. Smell of the wild. Warm touch of  already summerish wind. Nice company. Good food in my belly. And the sound of silence.
Mhmm. Yes I do, I do wanna be with you.

VERY IMPORTANT   P.S. !!! –  BIG THANKS   to my colleague  RETO   A. for the nice PICTURES  and AND  AN   AWESOME   TRIP 🙂


Love everyone and everything!

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