i do it my way

in the backstage of my day

Push yourself. Slowly, with no hurry. Don’t jump off a cliff. Don’t give up after the very first try. Rather move in a  stealthy way. Carefully, attentively, like a tiger lurking for it’s prey. Keep on moving. Never stopping. Towards your target, which you never reach as it grows with every fight that you win, with all the challenges you overcome and with all the failures that make  you doubt it.

Move with the earth, move with the sun. Never forget why you live, never regret what you did. Use all your senses, use all your power. Listen. Look around. Touch it. Smell it. Understand it. And then… Take it. Take everything you want. 

Start form a scratch and build up on the way. Slowly, with no hurry. It’s always more but it’s never enough. Stay hungry. Stay alert. But be calm. No one knows ‘bout the fire inside. No one has to. Use it wise. Conquer quietly. Catch and chain it. Keep ‘em close but keep watch.

Be the ruler of your life – the sorcerer of your fate.

And now turn around.  See what you’ve got.  Feel what you have. Not much? Might just look so.  But those who think so have no clue about the infinities in your soul. The big and the small ones. About the things you felt, saw or did and the way it felt. About emotions and mind blowing moments so bright that they made you oblivious to the world, to all the others and to yourself.

And who then is the best friend? Who’s the lover of your life? Whom can  you trust and which one’s the warmest moment? Well, the truth is. The answer is. It lies in this second. In one tiny moment when you feel invincible. When somebody by your side is invincible too. And this tiny moment, no matter what happens or where and with whom you go later, will stay with you for the rest of your life. And he’s gonna stay the love of your moment forever.

 And with every broken bone and a built memoir
I just keep on – slowly walking besides  the sun. 

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