a niece in Nice /nis/.


Je dis <I say>: I wanna be that kid. Yes, that one, in a sandbox. I wanna be naive and believe that I can fly. I want to run wildly, not caring ’bout tomorrow. I want to smile and laugh so loud that others would be embarrassed. That’s right. I wanna be la petit princess  – living the present with a wise young sight towards the world. But. But but.

I have some short stories from Nice (& not only). Followed by bits of sun, water, childish emotions and smiles. And limoncelo of course. This shiny experience made me see the world hasn’t changed yet. Though I did.

First of all – Meet my niece. Yep, I have a niece in Nice. Haha. You know, I was looking @ this picture thinking… Do I look like I could be her mom? Well, honestly, I was kinda relieved. I think I look too young for that (do I…?). And yes, I’m being honest with myself now. You know, I don’t interact with children too much but they seem to like me and I have no idea why! I never know how to talk to them and how to behave so I just treat them like they’re the smaller versions of adults. Maybe that kinda works. Anyways, this time with my niece really made my entire trip. I played, I talked and I tried to see the world from an 8-year old perspective, which was long forgotten. It’s all so inspiring. Their energy, their hopes and wishes, their plain honesty. I wish to be more like kids are sometimes. They make the world a better place. And certainly bring more joy… Even if it’s sometimes embarrassing… For what? For being active and laughing loud? Hah. Oh lovely!

I forgot to mention that the little one wasn’t the only niece at French Riviera. I was a niece myself! To a distant relative who welcomed me as a dearest child and once again proved me that my family is simply great.

And here comes my sunny story… Follow up for views to French Riviera. >>>


Lowered window blinds. I thought it’s quite impressive. The color of water I mean. Jeeez. Oui oui.  J’aime ça.

(Unfortunately) I’m not advertising Nike. However, I am sure the contrast between my shoes and the water really makes this picture perfect. And my sunglasses. I love them..

Pay 3.60 € for a coffee and dine like a boss. Right on the turquoise beach. And the servers even speak English here! And Russian!

DESPERADOS. With a piece of lemon or lime (even better). So French. So ‘beer’. And just to remind you – it was still February.

Nice has many faces: the beach, the carnival, the lights. The mystery at night. Anyways, I still seemed to like day more.

The original and the reproduction: the view to the city and a painting of it by Jean KLISSAK. Very nice. Very Nice.


Nica copy 2

BUT oooh. LET’S MOVE ON. Oh my. MONAKO ruled. Nice wasn’t the only place we visited in French Riviera (Côte d’Azur in French (yeah, I could have explained that earlier, I know)). It was Monaco also. Uh la. Yep. I can still be impressed sometimes while just remembering it. Not mentioning, that the town is built right into rocks and is set up kinda vertically, it also looks like a fancy car/yacht museum and a boulevard of (totally unbroken) dreams. I am not sure if it only looked so or for real, all the people there were the calmest ones (and probably richest) I’ve ever seen… Not hurrying anywhere, not giving a damn about another thousand euros spent…


Narrow red Monaco streets. Adorable [please read in French, suits Monaco better {find it down below…}].



Yachts. Small and big. HUGE. One day I’ll have one too. [Yeah right.]


I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t try all the crazy expensive specialties I can find. Sorry, I don’t remember how it’s called. But the shop assistant assured me that it’s something special from Monaco. It is great. If you like liquorish (the red ones). And yes, it was quite pricy (sorry, mom. once again).

Saint Paul de Vence.

The final destination of our Côte d’Azur trip was a tiny little town on the top of a high hill. It was called Saint Paul de Vence. It was something I’ve never seen. Ancient narrow streets accessible only for pedestrians; art gallery at every entrance; street names carved into stone; golden sunset rays licking the ancient walls and pure glorious childish joy when dad carries her on the shoulders.

Yes. Kids. Remind me of the times when the only man I cared was my dad.
The only struggle was ‘how to install Sims?!’ and the only future wish was to become a singing doctor…
Yes times. So magically inspiring.
I feel  I gotta open Harry Potter books again.

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