Calm and certain ♥ beat.


Calm and certain… Isn’t that what people fear and want the most?

I wish you all a happy beginning – a gateway to a life full of colors, sun and experiences! I wish you to find a soul to be excited about the same. And so we wouldn’t be afraid of anything. But most importantly – we wouldn’t be afraid to try. Try doing things for each other and try doing stuff together.

This is the essence of life – to live, not just to build walls and cages of certainty. Money, marriage, house… It does not describe safety, love and home. As I always believed. 1+1 shouldn’t be equal to 2. It’s not math anymore. The only right answer is 11. You’re still apart, though you’re together. And you’re bigger. And you can more. You do more. Feel more. Create more. You just are more.

Happy Valentine’s day to you all!

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