What a L♡VELY winter ☃


February in  Strasbourg. Freiburg.

This winter of 2016 is definitely one of my favorites of all times. Maybe even THE ONE? It is very much likely that it is so. This winter is warm, calm&active and just… nice. It is so nice. I mean, look at me. I am colorful! And warm and I wear white Converse! Still wearin’ those… Since I am 13. And I do not intend to loose ’em. Oh, I probably wore this coat when I was thirteen too. But that’s another story. Haha. So yep. Sun means a lot! And cycling for sure.. (yes yes, wine too. I know you know me). pow pow pow.

And now look. I found another sunrise of my life. (The first one was in California – from the top of Mount Tallac). One which is fascinating enough to make me jump out of my bed at 6 in the morning. And guess what. I can see this right through my window! Sorbet, just like peach and raspberry sorbet it looks. Mhmm. Delicious. Maybe I’ll add chocolate to it too. Who knows. ‘licious ‘licious…

And then. Free for exploration! Free for travel! —> Went to Freiburg this time. A german city super close to my french one and had a great view from the top. Vistas are always memorable and exciting. Seeing something from above brings you this special feeling like you’ve got more power in yourself. Higher and higher you go. Reach for the stars they told me once! I am trying. I will. Up and up we go.

And when you feel good… -content with your life- you can see more things and do and feel more. What is it? Another bird? A plain? A rocket? But wait! Maybe it’s a superman? 😉

So that’s it for today. Just some nowadays thoughts and views. Nice nice nice views of upcoming spring. It’s coming everywhere! 😉 finally.

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