#get Alsaced!


Une table pour cinq personnes, s’il vous plaît (a table for five, please). Je veux un verre de pinot noir (I want a glass of pinot noir).

These are some of the first lines I really think I have to know. Well, at least after the second one, speaking French will be much easier. Haha.

<<< I just dried my clothes 2 times in a row without washing them.. And spent probably close to 7 Euros to do that. Oh well. Let’s do it again.
Why? – you’d ask. ‘Cause I was too clever to ask. And to understand French instructions. >>>

And now I’m lying on my bed listening to some tunes from 80’s and feeling so … alone. But. Finally not lonely (?). How come? Here in this totally new and not quite friendly country, I found something what calms me. (Of course you can blame a little on the bottle of Alsatian Riesling staring at me from the table…). I found the culture which knows how to live and enjoy the moment. You don’t have to rush anywhere. Classes do not start exactly at the time and the break lasts a little longer. You stand in the line longer and opening of a bank account takes about a month… But. No matter how long any procedure takes, you’re not waiting and struggling – living and just handling it. NO – you are feeling and rejoicing every second  with a style – a croissant or a glass of wine in your hand (in my case – both at the same time). Giglgigl.

Americans live to work, French work to live, – they say. And I see it. They have it all. Nothing more to wish for. Culture, fertile land, beautiful people, style, passion, love, romance, courage, language like a song, economy, fashion, Paris, riviera, sea, wine, mountains, beaches, sun, snow, history… (Did I mention wine? haha.) Simply everything you could wish for. And of course they have pride. I mean, why shouldn’t they? Everyone would. Us Lithuanians, we’re proud of freaking several hundreds of years when we managed to fight few successful battles with Germans and Russians. French had almost never failed at anything.


But. Overall. As I have always said. It doesn’t matter where do you live. It only matters with whom. And now I’m lying on my bed listening to some tunes from 80’s …

And ooh. Pinot Noir pairs well with dark chocolate. I tried it. Apparently. Haha…

And ooh. I visited ein Schloss in here! The first one! so … Enjoy some pics from the Habsburg’s castle of Marlenheim (Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg)! And  Get Alsaced!
[found this line on the net. got to pretty like it]
<<< BTW. The fresco on top is from the castle too. >>>

When do you know that you need to stop? And change your direction? 
How do you decide that it is the right time for revolution and take a new turn? 

Is it a feeling? Or is it an unconscious sign? Does somebody else inspire you to do it? Or is it completely yours? How do you cope with it? And how don’t you do it?

So… Let’s say you’re collecting… postcards. You do it because you think it would look so great to put them all on your dinning room wall. Beautiful places, nice views and colors would really bring some charm to your place… So you do it. For 4 years already. Since you first saw this cute printed character with a backpack, heading towards the sun.

When do you know that it’s finished? That a collection is perfect enough to be left alone and put on the wall? And that you’re ready to start collecting new things too?

So first I collected toys, good grades. Then achievements. Then I started collecting parties and romantic memoirs. Together with traveling I began saving and gathering my friends. I collected my experiences, which put a big DOT at the end of all the other collections. And now I don’t even know anymore. What is next?

One man, I admire a lot, wished me to make a decision between two different paths of my life. But how can I do it when they both look so good, but yet promise me completely different ways towards the sun? And those two suns are different too…

And then. I remember. A movie called “Mister Nobody”. If you cannot choose from the two. Maybe. Just maybe. You should look for the third one?

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