Lovin’. Justina. Barcelona.

Part One: LOVIN’
or International Friends Are So Terribly Terrific

Terrible terrific issue. Seriously. Those who’ve been there, know what I mean. You don’t get much of them [friends], but when you do, you get them to the fullest. They don’t piss you off, because there’s no time for that.. but every time you get a chance to fall in love with them again and then… You got to let them go. AGAIN. Till the next time, till the next city, till the next airport. Though you don’t cry anymore, ‘couse you’re sure now – everything’s possible. You’re gonna see them! Only if you wish so!

So just accept that and be amazed how some people who’re so far from you, can yet be so close. Cheers to the life changing experiences and the best days in ones life!

Part Two: JUSTINA or
Good Bad & Pretty
[we’ll that’s gonna be funny…]

So there's a white walker and that's me.
 It's who I am and who I used to be. 
 I freed myself from frosty ties
 And bleached my thoughts into the skies.
 While bitter walker passes by,
 My sorrow's gone, my dreams are 'live.
 So here I am - my mind's gone free.
 My true one self - Good Bad and Pretty me.
[blushing now]

Yeah… I know.
That was pretty damn weird

or … OMFG (Which goes by… One Most Favorite.. Okay okay, I’m not gonna lie. You know exactly what it means.)

Tasty Barcelona

Quite nice wine for 1 Euro, best pistachio gelato I’ve ever tried, croissant with salmon… so good that I want it even now…. Jamòn which made me eat meat (just so you know, I don’t eat meat. Almost. At. All.), perfect gin and tonic for 10 euros (though i don’t even like the cocktail..???), incredibly delicious tapas/pricy tapas, amazing coconut kiwi drink and dream market. Jamòn for 200 Euros and cheese so strong that you only eat one bite. Another portion of gelato. Goat cheese flavored this time and a seafood paella . Weirdly looking bananas, 4 liters of sangria. Maybe you want cocaine?

Crazy Barcelona

Pouring rain and blinding sun. Dirty sand and huge palm trees. Art Nouveau again – my favorite – Gaudi Park Güell and Tibidabo hill from afar. La Rambla with 600 burglars and unfinished masterpiece – La Sagrada Familia. Somewhy [???] not very inspiring but promising though….. Clubs on the beach and Pakistani people… Palomas and parks, extremely narrow stairways and crazy traffic. Santa Cova and best representation of God’s Son I’ve ever seen. Praying nuns and high hill. Cable car and extreme lines. White walker, hidden cross – Montserrat in one word. Why the café is so good here?

I’m surely doomed forever. Barcelona is like European San Francisco. Probably my favorite big city in EU. I’m truly doomed and inspired again. Feels like my lungs got filled with air again and I can easily breath.

I need everything! It’s not okay to have almost enough. I need to have everything. Though… Only three things in total.

4 thoughts on “Lovin’. Justina. Barcelona.

    • Haha, thanks for the comment 🙂 Actually, I’m not a big fan of a poetry but this time it was kinda the only way to express my hidden feelings, so.. I felt weird but good.


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