Arbanis From Kosovo Is Sure God Wants Us To Travel


I am Arbanis Maxhuni and l was born on August 22nd of the year 1991. l studied physical therapy and l was always a passionate soccer player. Now l am also a senator in Youth Parliament of Kosovo. l come from Vushtrri – the old city in Kosovo.

My favorite place in the world is Prizren which was an important part of Kosovo Vilayet between 1877 and 1912. During the late 19th century the city became a focal point for Albanian nationalism and saw the creation in 1878 of the League of Prizren, a movement formed to seek the national unification and liberation of Albanians within the Ottoman Empire <<<>>>

There some weird things about Kosovo. For example, in my country if you work as a server at a bar or restaurant you need to call all guests ‘Chef’. It doesn’t matter if they are children or old people you need to call them like they’re Chef owners of the restaurant.
My dream is to become a good physical therapist and to travel a lot. Why ? I like to be physical therapist because in my country there was a war and lot of people are in need for help. I want to travel a lot because if you do so you can see lots of different places, different people from different cultures. You can see the most beautiful things that God has made for as. We need to enjoy our life.

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