‘Weekend’ at Pärnu. Wait, what?

“I was never gonna go  if  I waited for somebody to come with me.” Unknown

A little bit too much, a little bit too little. A bit too short and a bit too far. And mhm…  even a little bit too good. Ha, but not enough probably. Get what I’m saying? No? Me neither, don’t worry. Great time, only the present, ‘no’ for the future. That’s how it was. My Weekend at Pärnu.

Wait… so what is it all about? Oh yeah, I accidentally decided to go to the biggest fest in Baltics – Weekend 2015. Random decision, totally random companions and a tent for 12 Euros… Lots of whiskey and gin, loud good music and international people, yet so common for me. Lots of LATVIAN language (which I adore somehow, don’t exactly know why…) and beautiful people.
Friendly friendly friendly people. That’s what made them beautiful.
Actually I’m feeling weird about the Weekend at Pärnu as it was real great but also made me think about lots of stuff again.

Yes, I’m strolling to the campsite with a shopping trolley. All the way to the river.

So I learnt few more life lessons: there are people who go with a flow and wait for something to happen/enter their life. And there’re those who take and create what they want. They live easy but might destroy others. So what? – They make, they brake it. If it wasn’t for them, life’d be nice and boring.

Is it good to be that kind of person? It’s great. Especially is you try to be oblivious to other people’ behavior and feelings. Then it’s perfect because you can get whatever you want. However, I’m not sure if then it’s possible not be oblivious to your emotions too. Maybe you hide them, ignore them or don’t even feel them?

So to feel or not to feel? That’s the question bothering us all from the very beginning of our conscious lives.. But the only true is that —> we can all have whatever we wish to have and be whoever we wanna be. We just have to take it and make it.

Tadam. Well said. Wasn’t it?

Almost empty. Not for long as there were approx 40k people there.

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