♥ St. Peter feat. Gatsby – ChocoLatte Puccino

Saint Petersburg

♠ Eliseyev Emporium brought me to Gatsby’s era. 1900-1910 for you, ________.

♣ As I entered the coffee-shop I felt like I finally found something I was looking for throughout my entire travel-life. It was totally stunning, beautiful, colorful, full of music, smiling faces, sounds and smells of chocolate and caramel duets and solos.

♥ But… What is it and where you can find this treasurous city island?  The cafe is located in Eliseyev Emporium right in the middle of romantic city of Saint Petersburg. It is a beautiful retail and entertainment complex constructed in 1902-1903 and it is also one of the finest examples of my beloved Art Neuveau architecture I’ve ever seen.

♦ Redwood furniture, stained-glass windows, crystal chandeliers and grand-piano played by an invisible man (yep yep… keys are dancing and the music is on.. but there’s no one playing it. Haha. Adored it!). Let’s not forget a huge pineapple in the middle of the cafe and sweet little tables surrounding it where nice looking people have their lattes and cappuccinos while reading famous Dostojevski’s novels (I made this one up. Just sounds nice.)… It all made my experience special. But let’s proceed to the sweetest part.

Rusija copy

Endless rows of colorful fantasies… Don’t you even try tellin’ me, you ain’t want it!

So of course I tried something here and to be exact — surely I tried few things. On the first day my desert was so good looking and delicious, that I forced my friends to come back here the other day too. You can check it out below… Those were the two amazing deserts I tried there. Nothing really much to say — they were really / so freaky / terrifically / mind blowingly good. My guilty pleasure to the fullest…


So have you ever tried caramelized piece of a thick cloud on a crusted chocolaty base? Topped with the softest marshmallow in the universe and slightest touch of edible silver powder? Oh, and don’t forget the slimmest stick of fine dark chocolate and roasted-caramelized hazelnuts! “My name is Don, Poseidon” – he’d say (really lame, Justina, really lame…). Yes, you got it, this desert was called Poseidon. The other one wasn’t that impressive though… Just an exclusively delightful Chocolate Fondat with crispy topping of chocolate flakes and warm liquid chocolate in the middle of it. And of course, we drank coffe there. But it was… Just coffe. Good coffe.

So seriously,  Eliseyev Emporium  took me to one of my dearest dreams – Gatsby’s era. I could’ve sweared that if I closed my eyes, the place would turn into swinging jazz party with sparkling  champagne, girls in glittering  dresses and guys in  tuxedos... With Indian acrobats performing tricks with  their baby elephants while on the stage, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet is singing Ella’s Fitzherald  Cheek to Cheek… And mhmm… Chocolate… Chocolate and Cappucinos .

приятного аппетита/Bon appetite/Have a nice meal!

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