Ridiculous Russia: Part 1

Adventurous Moscow

I tried to take a perfect picture of the main city’s attraction – the main sight and symbol of traveling in the mighty country – R U SS I A.
It turned out to be blurry though vivid and colorful – super powerful. I don’t know how about you guys, but I simply love this picture. It’s different and fun. Exactly the same as my 24-hours experience.

IMG_2918 IMG_2894

So the building you see up here (on the left) is The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, though it’s mostly known as Saint Basil’s Cathedral. This church is located in famous Red Square, which happens to be the most visited place in Moscow. Despite the fact that St Basil’s is called a cathedral it’s actually just a monument built for a homeless eccentric adored by the tsar Ivan The Terrible. And yes, there was a reason for Ivan to be called The Terrible, as during his rule the population of Moscow decreased more than twice. However, he must’ve really liked Basil… I’m sure he did.

In any case, the most exciting point about Moscow for me wasn’t the sights (though I took plenty of pictures) but rather  t h e  people .  Except for the fact that I met up with my international friends I had also a chance to meet intelligent young Russians who live and study in Moscow, which was real exciting for me, as before, the only Russians I had a chance to talk, were those, who spent all their lives outside the borders of their homeland.

So what? It was something new to me! A long lost sense of bravery, energy, smiles and desire to live. The very first night we met, they took us to the top of one building just for a nice view. In order to get there, we had to trick the residents, climb through ridiculously small gap in door grills, pass an abandoned attic and walk on probably 45% diagonal roof. It was scary, it was weird, but it was thrilling and really exciting. Different.

What else? I even managed to dance salsa in the Gorky park! Yes yes, the same one mentioned in Scorpions “Wind Of Change”…
Down to Gorky park… Listen to the wind… Of change… 

There’s clearly something else I want to say about my Moscow experience, but it’s also hard to find the right words. Recently I’ve struggled with myself while being a grumpy cat and boring myself to sleep. I was becoming a Lithuanian again. All travel spirit seemed to be faded away and my batteries of joy were not charged anymore. But it changed just as quick as I started packing my bag. One SNAP and it’s gone.

People brake it people make it, guys. So be the ones who make it.

Rusija copy 2

Oh. And don’t forget that I’m a communication manager – MissCommunication Manager 😉

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