‘Moroccan people are so warm, You won’t want to leave!’ – says Imane



Beach/Bay/Temple in Morocco style

I’m Imane Ouardi and I’m 23 years old. I live and was born in Belgium but I have Moroccan roots from my dad’s side, who comes precisely from Rabat city in Morocco. I am a Public Relations graduate and right now I’m studying in Brussels for 3 years  of master’s degree in corporate communication and marketing. I’m a person with a lot of plans and ambitions. I cannot imagine my future without my love – discovering new places and people from around the world!


Imane from Morocco!

Rabat is the capital of Morocco and a very touristic city. There you do a lot of  sightseeing, for example, you can check out  “Chellah” – the ruins of an old Roman city or, you can also visit ‘Medina’ (‘Old city’ in Arabic) and a lot of other places! But you can go to the beach as well, visit some nice clubs. I think this city can satisfy anyone!

I have always been told that people from Morocco are very friendly and warm. I cannot deny it. No matter where I go when I’m in Morocco (I’m used to visiting this country every summer) I always feel comfortable. People are so nice there and consider you as a part of their family. Moreover, don’t be astonished if some people call you “my daughter” because they are used to treating  you as if you are one! It is the thing I appreciated the most there in Morocco; people are so warm that you don’t want to leave.

I have also had the chance to visit Marrakech – one of the most touristic and famous destination of the country. Landscapes are so amazing there and the architecture is breathtaking.

I would like to visit Asia and especially South Korea!! Haha… But as I traveled to the U.S. last summer, I think everything is possible so it’s more than a dream, it’s my future destination (for a long trip).


House in Morocco

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