Why 16 goes along with Niagara Falls

This time I’ll be quick.

8 hours to go… 8 hours back. 16 hours in total just to see the famous sight. The Niagara Falls. One car, three friends and one day. One hotel, one meal in Hard Rock Cafe and hundreds of lost pictures… This is all what’s left. And memories… For sure. :]

So . 16 hours on a road.. Totally worth it … ! Check some views from American-Canadian waters !!!


From the largest to smallest there are three waterfalls there: Horseshoe, Bridal Veil and American Falls… But who cares when I’m fording in Niagara river!


Canada, Toronto. This is what you see when you look to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls at night! 🙂 Isn’t it nice?


Hopefully coming back! Hopefully spending more time! Hopefully not loosin’ all my pictures from the trip (yes, this time I did 😦 )! Whatever! Niagara Falls were RAD! 🙂

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