Nick from Oz ‘wrestle crocs’ ☢ !


My real name is Nick Skelton but most of my friends back home call me Shredder because I played in a few bands and loved to get drunk and play on bars and on the floor etc… its a little embarrassing, but one night the singer introduced me with that name and lots of my mates thought it was funny…15523337417_b038836175_o

I grew up in Sydney Australia in the inner city – not such a great neighborhood but my folks are from the country and brought me up slightly differently from the people around me. SO you could say I am a mix of the only two types of culture we have in Oz – city and country.

There are many places I really love in Australia and I haven’t been to many! Its a huge place, but there isn’t a whole lot there compared to say USA. But I guess I really enjoy the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney the most – I loved to go on long hikes through the bush. Me and my friends would really push ourselves and cover huge distances with heavy packs on. Camp in the evenings and walk all day. We saw some really amazing things out there.

I enjoy having fun with the stereotypes… I sometimes tell people that we have something similar to military service where we have to go out into the bush and learn how to live off the land and wrestle crocs. I’d love to know how to do that BTW.15088572554_951bf5aaa9_o 15522664669_ae6c233a3d_o

I don’t really have a dream destination as such, if I did, I have been there already. I’d really like to go on a motorbike adventure from say Morocco to Cape T  own, or walk from Northern India to Nepal. But some of my other dream trips I’ve already completed! 2 months in Papua New Guinea, 3 months through remote islands of Indonesia and Borneo, living in Thailand to become a qualified SCUBA diver, a road trip through the USA and now living in Europe. If you have a dream destination, and like I said I don’t have any single one that I’ve idolized my whole life, I think you’re lucky – and that you should be doing everything in your power to make that happen. (!)

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