Pizza, Pasta and Stefano from Italy


I’m Stefano, 29 yeard old from Spinea – a little town close to Venice and traveling is my drug. I’m working as a sales manager in a steel pipes company in Treviso, I like my job but I don’t have any time for doing something that I really love to do… Sometimes I go to swim or play football with my friend.


Italy has a lot of problems but it’s also a very beautiful country: we have a rich history, amazing mountains, incredible beaches and sea, lots of different foods in every Italian region but maybe the best place is my city. Venice, I think, is the strangest city in all over the world. Here everything is different, for example, we don’t have cars but only boats and we move around the city only by walk.10804951_10201970728668989_1181220168_n

When foreign people think about Italy they always think about pasta, pizza and food… Seems that all the tourists that come to visit Italy come back to their country with 5 kg more…. Maybe it’s true. (?)

My dream destination is South America; I lived in Argentina for 7 months in Buenos Aires and I love that city, maybe because the Argentinean culture is similar to Italian culture and the people whom I met there were always very friendly. I visited The south of Brazil, Uruguay, the centre of Chile and I miss it a lot. All the places were amazing.

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