Dimitris is Greek …though he’s not lazy (!)


I’m Dimitris, I’m from Greece and I’m 25 years old. I now live in Sweden but I used to live in a Greek island called Syros. I have studied product design engineering and now I study my masters in Business & Design in Gothenburg University (Sweden).


My favourite place in Greece is Cyclades Islands. There is a group of islands that you can visit in the heart of the Aegean Sea. They are rocky and not so green, but they are full of exotic beaches and interesting traditional villages to visit. The architecture is particularly interesting and well-known around the world for its simplicity and functionality. Millions of people visit Cyclades every year because they offer a variety of choices that can satisfy even the most demanding visitor. There are islands for windsurfers, religious people, gays, celebrities, hippies, nudists, history lovers, well.. nearly everyone!

They say that we [Greeks] are hairy, noisy and lazy. We are hairy, we are (very) noisy but I wouldn’t say that we are lazy. That’s not a valid stereotype.

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I have many dream destinations, but now that it is winter in Europe I would like to go to the southern hemisphere and particularly to Argentina, where I have an uncle called Pepe. I have been once in Latin America and I loved it. But Argentina is like a European country in the other side of the world and I think it would be very interesting to see it.

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