♂ travel romance ♀

When and whom to love?
Eenie meenie miney mo…


…recently a friend of mine spoke with  me and asked for  my opinion.


So, what is the reason we travel? A lot of us that go solo are single, or at least open to adventures and new people. <…>  I’m not exactly sure what I’m getting at, other than I think it’s a completely different kind of a game than when we are at home.

I said to him:

Hmhmm. Yeah, I was thinking about it the same, just from the different direction.. I was thinking that we’re more ourselves when we travel, compared to who we are at home ’cause we meet same people as we are: spontaneous, adventurous, always moving and then they’re more likely to be attractive for us but yep… Why are we traveling and what do we expect? I don’t know…

And this conversation really stuck in my mind. A lot of people get involved into romantic relationship while they travel and live abroad, a lot of them break up afterwards or even know that the relationship won’t last from the very beginning. But how does it work? Don’t people want to  be loved or love?

Somehow I think that it’s really easy to explain. Nowadays living in the western world is all about yourself and your personal preferences. Everybody’s watching their needs and do not really care about the others, except for if it’s comfy for them. Most of the people in our lives are just passengers, though… Are we happy?

I’m that kind of person who wants to stay in touch with everyone who at least once made me smile or danced with me, or did something nice… Who traveled with me at least 1 kilometer or  shared a distant memory. That is who I am and sometimes this makes me struggle ’cause I do not get the same feedback.

I’m that kind of person who also believes in true love and I do not only believe in it, I’m sure it exists. Though is it possible to find somebody while you’re traveling, or do you have to find somebody to travel with?  How does it work for those who wander?

What I’ve learned through my trips is that most of them are loners and possibly believe, that when the time comes, there’s gonna be the right moment, the right perfect person and the   paths will cross, entangle and never part again.  So,  most of these travelers   know what they want and aren’t satisfied even with a 90 percent match. They need a total 100%. But,   sorry   to say. This thing doesn’t even exist.

One guy, who once slept on  my couch told me about his ex girlfriend. He said, that everything was just perfect. Everything. Though they decided to split up and continue on with their lives separately. Why? Because their plans differed a bit, they didn’t want to limit each other and… .. . woups, almost forgot! They were from the different countries – they were travelers.

-What if you won’t find anyone like her again?, –I asked.
He didn’t seem to care.

Once I wrote in my diary, that there’s no such thing as pure, never ending happiness. ‘Cause this feeling is like a rare bird – you can see it and hear it’s song only sometimes. A true happiness, which everybody’s seeking for is a daily routine, which most of the time would make you excited though calm, involved into action, but also loving what you always do. . .’

Everyday should be different and the same – the best you could get. And I’m sure as hell, you cannot get it while you’re alone. One might be strong and independent but everybody needs someone to rely on. So probably it doesn’t matter if you find somebody while you’re traveling or you find someone to travel with… If  you find a bird, you have to do everything to catch it, because if you don’t, you will regret it for all your life and hear it’s sang melody in your head, wondering how life would have turned out if you did.

Perfect imperfections.

We definitely do not need a 100% match. We need magic.


If you wish   the music to sound good, you’ve gotta learn how to play 😉

5 thoughts on “♂ travel romance ♀

  1. Of course the guy didn’t seem to care! Perfect love might exist but there are few things you can do to find it. Being obsessed about finding someone to fulfil your love dreams doesn’t help, just let it be because It might happen or then it might not!


  2. I´ve traveled the world and learned to see what is worth.
    One day, out of the blue I met the most amazing creature that this world had to offer to me so far…

    The love of my life.

    It came to me in the worst possible moment.
    An impossible moment.

    But, what is a moment?

    What outcome will this love finally find?

    Time will tell

    It always does.

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