Just a thought.

While wandering…

The Pacific I

I was wondering around the streets of San Francisco, saying goodbye and preparing to fly to Salt Lake City. As I was getting closer to San Jose, from where my plane was supposed to depart, I saw more and more people with suitcases and backpacks which meant that they were traveling somewhere too. And then a thought popped into my mind – how likely it is to find someone who is gonna sit next to you in the plane flying to Salt Lake City if you are walking around the streets in San Fran? Almost impossible I guess.

All the people look like they are only passing by. But once you are getting closer to the airport, you see more and more fellas   like you –  currying  tickets, Samsonite bags, talking on the phones, asking if that special somebody is going to pick them up…. Then you enter the airport, you go through security and head towards your gates. Every second you are getting closer to your plane and your seat and the passenger sitting next to you.

Isn’t it   exactly what happens in our personal lives too? How likely is it to find that somebody with whom you want to spend your free time, with whom you wanna work or with whom you wanna make your dreams come true if you’re just wondering in the city with no purpose? Almost impossible! But once you find out what are your dreams, goals and your meaning of life, where are you heading to and what is your desire —>> you are getting closer to the airport, to your plane and to THE ONE, ‘sitting’ next to you – the ONE with the same destination as yours.

The Pacific

The Pacific II

3 thoughts on “Just a thought.

  1. There are a lot of good posts in this site but this is my absolute favorite so far :). For some reason i felt really connected to this. I saved a copy of it on my screen to reread it again and again. Hope its OK! 🙂


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