Sara says that portuguese women aren’t beardy(!)


Hello, I’m Sara Lourenço. I’m from Almada (district of Setúbal), Portugal.

I don’t think I have a favourite place in my country, because, although it’s quite small, it has a lot of cool things to see. But if I could pick a city, I would pick Lisboa. We also have a lot of nature (that varies while you are in the north or in the south). Sintra is very nice too, filled with Illuminati castles. We have really pretty beaches too, and a few lakes… etc etc. I also love the village where my grandmother grew up, in a valley, and I hope to go and live there for a while.

Well… I think the Portuguese stereotype is mostly connected to the emigrants that go (mostly) to France and Switzerland. I guess people think the women are very beardy, and that men are crazy about football, and everybody is either civil constructor or fisherman or housewife.

I also don’t have a dream destination for my future. I would just like to travel a lot and see the best I can about the world. 554161_423993364328248_488218128_n61034_108141902580064_2933697_n  1186250_558510470876536_2018460624_n 1510945_774339325927653_1277022178_n

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