Turk Utkan: we are a little bit aggressive ;)

Enjoy BRIEF interviews in International guest room! 😉


Guest N°4 – Utkan from Turkey 


Hi, I am Utkan Kozalan from Aydın in Turkey but I am currently studying Industrial Design in Istanbul.

My favorite place in Turkey is Cappadocia because geographical character of Cappadocia is really interesting. This area has delicious food and you can take perfect photos everywhere in Cappadocia. I would really suggest Cappadocia for nature trip and I’d say that 2 or 3 days are enough.

People think Turkish people speak Arabic and their lifestyle is the same as for Arabic people, but we speak Turkish and we live like Turks :). Our lifestyle is a mix of European and Arabic. In general the west side of Turkey is modern and the east side is more traditional. And another stereotype about us is that we are too aggressive. Yes, we are a little bit aggressive but just among Turkish people, we are cheerful to foreigners.

My dream destination for living is Italy. I wanna work at any design office in that place because I really like their friendly cities and spontaneous lifestyle.

UtkanTurkey 10271143_10152272205101141_604491113_o 10269891_10152272212611141_648999823_o

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