What’s the taste of America?

South Lake Tahoe

Well, there’s probably no such thing you could’t find in USA, there are no dishes or beverages which you couldn’t buy and try here… From fast food to super fancy restaurants, from extra fat burgers to vegan cuisine. Indian, Turkish, German, Italian, French, Greek meals (by the way… now I’m working in a   f a n c y   Contemporary Greek California Cuisine Restaurant – “Jimmy’s at the Landing” (hihi :))… What a wonderland for a foodie?? But of course, it’s impossible to try everything and every each person in here have their own favorite meals and I guess all foreigners have their own taste of America…

So, do you want to know what’s mine? Okay okay, calm down, I know that you’re excited, but please let me talk. 😀 So let’s move forward and I’ll tell you what I found here in a magical small city of South Lake Tahoe….

…And to make long story short, My TOP 5 for now looks like this: Berries, Hersheys chocolate (cookies & cream taste…muhahahaa..), Smores (absolute favorite so far), Ice cream and one more thing I’ll keep as a secret >:) … And ups. As I see everything is pretty sweet here. Very very damn sweet… And I really have to tell you more about these treasures!!! So stay here and keep on reading O:) .

Very Berry


I don’t exactly know what they do with berries (and I’m not sure if I want to know) but they look extremely (and by that I mean WOW) gorgeous. Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with blackberries… All of them look just simply amazing and they’re sooooo BIG. Every time I come to a supermarket I can’t go out without them in my bag and it doesn’t matter at all that they’re also ridiculously expensive. And yes, at least they’re healthy like not any other specialty in my list. Yey!

Cookies & Cream


I found my new favorite chocolate brand here to rival even Ritter Sport  (white one with almonds – my previous absolute favorite). HERSHEYS.  Mhmm. That white package with big letters on it saying that it’s just  another great piece of art which melts in your mouth. Yep, pretty damn  right. I hope I can resist it because otherwise I’ll probably get diabetes  here. Well, I hope I won’t. And I really don’t care. Ups.


( I’m very sorry, I don’t have any pictures of this treasure, but I just  always forget to take them…. because they’re sooooo goooood!!! :S )

This is something special to me. All the time I think about States, I have  this picture in my mind – people sitting around the bonfire and ‘grilling’  marshmallows on the wooden sticks… But when I came here, I found  out that there are some bonus ingredients which make barbecued marshmallows into smores. What is that? Oh… That’s a bomb of  sweetness… Because it does not only include marshmallow but also a  cookie, to be more specific – Graham Cracker and a piece of fine Hersheys chocolate. So you put a perfectly melted ‘marshy’ on a cracker, then on the top you put a piece of chocolate and again the cracker. You press this sweet ‘sandwich’ and voila (!!!) you bite it.!. Warm and melted. Perfecto. Just amazing. I looove it.

Ice cream


The best place in Tahoe for ice cream (I guess so…) – Cold Stone

I only ate it once but in a really cool place… It had unimaginable variety of flavors and colors and extra toppings and and and… Oh just look at the picture and you will understand everything. Mine was called ‘Mint mint chocolate chocolate (something…)’ and it consisted of mint ice cream, pieces of brownie, chocolate chips and chocolate fudge… Mhmm. And one more thing. Took a small portion, couldn’t finish. Welcome to America ;).


Oh, it wouldn’t be a secret if I just told you right now ;D. But it’s good … very good. Maybe somewhen. Haha.
Enjoy your sweet meals!!! See you later :*

P.s.. Wanna see how my best dinner here looked like??? Here it is ——>

States copy

Thanks to somebody!!! :3

Bye bye!!! ***

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