¿Donkeys in Mexico? Ask Odette!


Guest N°5

Hola! My name is Odette Moreno and I’m from Mexico. I was born in Querétaro City and except for some recent time abroad, I’ve done all my studies and lived in this place.

Mexico is a big country and not even I’ve had the chance to visit it entirely! But from all the places that I know, I think my favorite one is Oaxaca, more specifically – its beaches. The view, the nature, the history, the food, the atmosphere and the people, make it the most beautiful and relaxing place I’ve ever been to. I just can’t get enough of it and I constantly wish I could spend my next holidays there again.

Once I heard the funniest Mexican stereotype ever! I’m still not sure if it’s really seen this way by many other people in the world, but once one person asked me if it was true that in Mexico we still use donkeys for transportation! I mean sure, we’re not a first world country but we’ve stepped on! lol

I’ve never been in Asia and for some reason it’s my latest dream destination. I would love to travel to Japan, there’s just something about the culture that inspires me and I’m more than willing to go there to find out more!



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