(un)Lucky ’13th: Balkan Edition

Unlucky, but lucky holiday in Balkans… This is how I call our 2nd Eurotrip that we experienced during the summer of 2013 [hihi, number 13 always means something devilish, doesn’t it? ;]. Of course, every trip is marvelous and brings huge amounts of positive emotions, but sometimes it can also be frustrating, extremely tiring and full of ‘grumpy cats’ [in this case – us]. And I always lough about it and say that, if there was a movie about our Balkan Trip, it would definitely be a tragicomedy 🙂 So let me tell you why!

Sweet sweet picture of us in Žablijak, Montenegro near Tara River Canyon whoch is the second biggest in the world [after The Grand Canyon]

Sweet sweet picture of us in Žablijak, Montenegro, near Tara River Canyon which is the second biggest in the world [after The Grand Canyon in the US]

Even Lithuania knew, what is waiting for us… Heavy rain, thunder, falling trees and dark sky.. This is how most of the people remember that day in August. And on exact same day we headed to Warsaw to start our trip. But before we did that, we were sitting with few friends in a cafe, we were very excited and happy. And so we raised from our chairs and headed to the bus station from where we would leave Vilnius. And those 2 or 3 kilometers were quite extreme to us. A big storm started. The branches of trees were falling down on the ground because of the strong wind, the sky became dark so as it is at night and the rain started. . . But. We were in a good mood. We laughed about it and ran. And everything felt so exciting! And so it was… till we managed to get on an overnight bus going to Warsaw. . . B e w a r e

Poor  Paulius

Poor Paulius [thank God, no more puking…]

Paulius strikes first… I’m not going to tell you a lot about it, just few words: overnight bus, Paulius gets sick in the very beginning [<puke>] eu eu eu..; no sleep, pity and tiredness. And yep… this is how our journey started.

Hot in Warsaw and sneaky polish… SO. We arrived to Warsaw in a ‘wonderful mood’. I could compare it to a feeling when you really want a candy and you finally get it (!), but it’s gone bad. . . So you can’t eat it… Or you don’t care and you eat it anyways, but it’s not tasty… [Wow, I’m so eloquent [and yes, I know what you’re thinking now…’what the hell does this word mean’?? :DD ]] … and yes, so as it wasn’t enough, it was also extremely hot there..!

Next stop – Budapest! A marvelous city! Just very very VERY beautiful. We didn’t expect it, but we compared it with Paris all the time and of course, we were dreaming to try a well known hungarian goulash. And we did… It was just simply                …horrible.              The food in the restaurant that we ate was as bad as it could only be in a paralell world of cardboard people… ( I know, this comparison sounds ridiculous, but I couldn’t find a better material to describe the taste of the food)… and for that we paid 20 000 Hungarian forints. Sounds extreme, huh?


The worst and the most ‘expensive’ dinner in our life [:

This is exactly how I imagined Cinderella's castle!!! [

This is exactly how I imagined Cinderella’s castle!!! [Fisherman’s bastion in Budapest]

Moving forward, Belgrade… Wait . . . . .  What?! Yes yes. Belgrade wasn’t in our plans. BUT. We didn’t get train tickets to Split [Croatia], so we had to change everything and we decided to go to Belgrade, which actually was the only option for us [I guess so, though I don’t remember it correctly…some help?]. However, we were very surprised to know that Serbs are probably the nicest people we’ve met during our trips… It definitely made our day and we we were glad that we visited the poor capital of Serbia, witch was destroyed and ruined about 50 times through all it’s years of existence.

Next thing to shock one of us was ——-> Misleading water in Dubrovnik… Poor Arvydas. All the way to the sea, all these continuous 6 days he was dreaming to finally jump in the perfectly warm water of the Adriatic sea… Haha. It was cold! 🙂 Well, not for us, we were swimming and having fun, but he protested and sat down on the sand with a face of a squid – ward… 😀 Sorry!!

Non-swimmingly cold water

Non-swimmingly cold water

Arvydas - The Squid-ward

Arvydas – The Squid-ward

Croatia!!! Here we come! …but no, we’ll go only to Hvar. So before our trip started, we planned to visit a lot of places in Croatia, such as Plitvice national park, Split with it’s wonderful palace of emperor Diokletian, Dubrovnik and some nice islands… Well, we visited only two of these places: Dubrovnik and Hvar – one of the biggest and the most beautiful islands near Split.  Even though we didn’t fulfill our plan, we liked Hvar so much, that we decited to stay there for 3 days and nights! Though half of that time we only ate pizza slices (2€ fo one piece…), because we were out of money…. 😀 But pizza and coke are a stunning combination… Believe me.

IMG_3373 IMG_3427  IMG_3502 IMG_3487

And the last of our sad adventures was ———> Come to Norway they said, it will be cheap they said…
See? We decided to fly back home through Norway, so we had to spend there one night, in a city called Sandefjord where the prices are eye-wateringly high (so as it is in all Norway… we didn’t think about it…). But guess where did we sleep!! In a car. Well, some kinda van exactly. And it was quite a miracle for us, because we were trying to find a place to stay till 2 o’clock in the morning, when one lithuanian man ( o m g   you’d say, Lithuanians also have heart sometimes…) offered his car… Yeah… it was very uncomfortable, but at least we didn’t have to stay outside…

And so… this is how lucky our journey was! A lot of frustrations and mistakes, tens of grumpy faces and failures. Hundreds of wasted minutes while searching for a place to stay or staying in a late train… Many kilometers of rushing somewhere and few very disappointing meals.

Coming back home was never so sweet… BUT.

However, it was   G R E A T .
‘Couse we stayed together, we laughed and experienced an uncountable amount of superb experiences (such as smoking inside of the restaurant… haha. Oh yes, we did it :DD (In Zablijak, Montenegro)). And you know what is more? These kind of experiences ties you up with the people, who are together and you can not ever let them go out of your life, because it’s just impossible,   T  O  O    m u c h   t o   l o o s e .



IMG_3068 IMG_3137

Hvar & farmers market in The Bay of Kotor on the right


‘Friendly’ city of Sandefjord


Budapest at night…

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