LITERALLY: the longest day in my life + First impressions

Time goes so fast… Time is the same everywhere… Time…

There is a lot to say about time, but everybody would agree that everywhere in the world one day has only 24 hours in it. Well, not if you’re traveling from London to Reno . . .  A N D   I   D I D   I T   !!!   My day lasted 34 hours (!!!) and I only slept 10 hours during this day. Wow. That was crazy. So keep on reading and I’ll tell you more about my robotic responses to the world, jet lag and first impressions of United States of America! 🙂


Packing process is always joyful for me! ^^ It means that there are new journeys ahead!

<But before I start, I have to say that before this extremely long trip I spent a nice day in London with somebody I missed so much (!) :>

Soooo —> London – South Lake Tahoe. How does it look?
First it takes you 1 and a half hours to go to London Heathrow (thanks to Underground, I don’t have to take bus), then you have to find the right gates in a ridiculously big airport… Then there comes an 8 hours flight with two meals, 1 coffe, one movie, one notebook, one chat with a Brit (at least he was handsome…), few glasses of orange juice and about an hour of really uncomfortable sleep…
And TADAAM. You’re in Chicago!.. Which means, that the airport is probably bigger than the town you were born in (actually I had to take a train to go from one terminal to another..), but. IT IS AMERICA ALREADY! So finally you understand that Hollywood movies you see on TV are showing you the truth! People are dressed exactly the same, they talk the same and everything feels so familiar that it looks that you’ve been here before…


A small treat for me in Warsaw Chopin airport ^^ (Yeah, I know it does not follow the topic, but I really like the picture and it was also very delicious!)

And and and… then you finally get on your last flight! Chicago – Reno. At this point you’re already very tired, your legs hurt and you don’t even want to eat, neither to drink… You feel so lazy that you can’t even bother yourself to take an inflatable pillow out of your bag to make yourself more comfortable. You rather decide to sleep in some unimaginable positions in your chair… 😀 But somehow you survive another 5 hours and you’re in the last means of transport – a shuttle to   S o u t h   L a k e   T a h o e! The bus is huge with only two passengers (yep.. only two) and a driver who looks like a typical American driver… A bit ’round’ friendly and very talkative!
He takes me to the yard of my motel… Can you believe it? He does it even though he’s driving a huge bus, and he says: “I don’t want you to walk, sweetie!’.
Nice. I like it.

And finally! You get to sleep!!!!!!!!! O M G. It took you 24 hours to get to this bed and finally close your eyes while lying in a horizontal position. It’s such a pleasure. Believe me.

And well, yeah, I’m still a little bit tired. I feel that my body hates me a little bit and that everything is turned upside down now. BUT. I am finally here and I will start tomorrow with a big smile on my face! (:

See you soon, folks!

+ First + Impressions +


First glimpse at the Lake Tahoe —> Mountains, clear blue water, coarse sand and… wow… it’s just simply beautiful 🙂


In the forest. (Actually there’s nothing so special in this picture, I’m just proud that it happen to be so well done!) ^^


Today I saw 15 squirrels in the forest. I mean, wow. And those who know me very well, understand that I probably didn’t see another 25 of them… 😉


And last but not least –> Jut a typical motel from movies.

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