Matīss: Latvian music isn’t just pop-shit

Enjoy BRIEF interviews in International guest room! 😉

Guest N°4 – Matīss from Latvia 


My name is Matīss Zvaigzne. I am 26. I’m a person who’s trying to find himself in creative field. Currently I am Studying MA @ArtAcademy_LV Design department. I consider myself as a product, graphic, sound designer. I work as a teacher at Digital Art @ Janis Rozentals Art Highschool also as a graphic designer @ Culture department of Sigulda. I am founder of ”Star Design” company. Besides that, I play bass-guitar and I am a member of a band ‘Grupa Marta’. I live in Riga, LVA.

My favorite place is my workspace, that’s where I spend most of my time, listen to workflow music and keep on creating… If it is more about some places to go – I love being in my band vocalists house that is located 50 km away from Riga in woods. I can feel complete peacefulness of nature there and I get rid of the dust of urban lifestyle. Also I love cycling to Mežaparks, which is the biggest park here in Riga. It is located next to the lake Ķīšezers and it is full of pine trees, fresh air and nice places to go with great company for a chilly evening.

What about stereotypes? Well, I don’t know, maybe that Latvian sounds similar to Russian? Maybe that we have just one band [Brainstorm] and it’s a pop-shit… [no, it’s not ;]

And for now, there’s nothing like a big dream place for me to visit, but I would like to stay in Lisbon for a while. Kinda go for seasonal living. When it’s winter here in Latvia, I could live abroad for some months.


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