Eurotrip no.1 and I’m damned 4 ever

Do you know a movie called ‘Eurotrip’? Of course you do! I mean… who doesn’t? 🙂

It was released in 2004 and at that same moment it became a desirable dream for every young person all over the world. Same happened to me. I was only 11 years old when I first saw this movie but since that very moment I decided that organizing a trip in Europe is on the top of my ‘things to do before I die’ list.

So exactly 8 years passed and I carried this idea deep in my mind. I was trying to find the right people to join me, money and stubbornness. I found everything faster and closer to me than I expected. The perfect people happen to be my family, I earned the exact amount of money I needed and my dream started to become reality…


Me and my brother eating sea-food in Riomaggiore, Italy

And what can I say, we did it!!! We actually made it! We traveled for 11 days in 3 countries of Europe – Germany, Austria and Italy… We visited Rome, Munich, Venice… We enjoyed everything so much! But the best moments were completely unexpected! So now, I’m gonna briefly tell you about the … jewels of MY TYPE of Eurotrip.


Our route

Tadadadammmmmmmm. Tsss… Let’s start! :

  • Seashell. Yes, the exact one on the left side of this blog post. I found it on a rocky beach in Riomaggiore, Italy. It was so tiny, nice and beautiful…! Nobody else found seashells that day, so I felt kinda special [oh yesh I did :3 ].  And somehow after some time this seashell became a symbol of my dreams coming true…
  • Letter from a stranger. We were gazing at the wonderful view from the top of the highest mountain in Insbruck (Austria) and then I looked down.. I found tiny SD card hidden among rocks with a small letter attached to it: “Went out, will be back”… and a photo of a man sitting in that same place we were standing on. So we took a photo of ourselves (in that same SD card) and left it with our e-mails where we found it. …Still waiting for the answer…Foto darymui 5
  • Salt on my body. Every time I got out of Ligurian sea after a nice swim in a perfectly warm water and let my body dry in the sunlight… I felt this dry and weirdly cool sense of sea salt covering my shoulders, hands and whole body. And what is more. Our hair looked so good after this therapy! “Straight from your best hairdresser!” 🙂 Girls know, what I’m talking about 😀
  • Seafood in a can. Here in Lithuania, we eat popcorns from cans. Well, Italians who live or spend holiday in La Spezia eat seafood. Very good/tasty/cheap/bestabsolutfu*kingamazing seafood in my life. Mmmmm. You can see it in the picture above. 😛
  • Alister Dreamwilder. A complete stranger from Cape Town, Africa really ‘made’ our journey. A lone runner, wanderer and super communicative person – that is who he was. We bought him dinner, he shared his wine with us. He told us about unbelievable transformation of himself.. How he decided to change his life and started exercising. In a while, he left his country for charity runs in all over the world. And even now, after two years, I see amazing pictures of him in Facebook. He’s still running! And we still keep in touch! 😉
  • But the best what we got from Alister that day [when we met him in Italy] was Partying with complete strangers. This miraculous man managed to organize a party in 5 minutes and the best thing about it was – none of the people knew each other and all of them were from different countries. We danced, drank cocktails, spoke to each other, climbed rocks, swam at night and built a fire on a seaside… We had a perfect time together and now we share the same experience which [I guarantee] we will never forget.
  • Goal in 5 seconds. We  were sitting in a train coupe and riding through the tunnel. Suddenly we got out of it and as we noticed then – we were passing a football stadium. And then Paulius said: “look, it’s a stadium.. and look! They’re playing football! … Goal!!!”. So yeah, we managed to see a goal in 5 seconds. Then we couldn’t see stadium anymore […and Paulius’ dream came true, because he really wanted to watch football match while we were in Germany].
  • Mama Rosa. Funny old lady who persuaded us to stay in her hostel only by knowing few English words. “Are you americans?”, “first class” [because we said we’re from Europe 🙂 haha] and “very good”… That’s it. We chose to stay in mama’s Rosa hostel.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Swimming with sharks. It wasn’t a pleasant experience but definitely a strong memory. It’s nothing about sharks, but we call it that way, because ‘the Thing’ was frightening, watery and a little bit bloody. Simona and Arvydas had a ‘nice’ and ‘welcome’ swim in the sea next to a concrete shore. They didn’t understand [at first] that they won’t be able to jump on it together with waves as native children were doing. However, we’re happy that everything went okay… Just Simona was a little bit scratched and shocked. :^
  • Champagne in the Mountains. Something that really defines our trip is the sense of unity and pleasant moments. We were the ones who made this experience wonderful. Each of us. That is why we drank [cheap :D] champagne in Austrian Alps! We celebrated life, youth and excitement!


  • And of course!!! Photos. A HELL OF A LOT OF. They JUST define our Eurotrip 🙂 And there are tons of them… and I adore each of them… —————————————>>>


<…> So… these are only a few moments from that trip. Those days have been the best continuous 10 days in my life. It was just one-never-ending excitement…

And why am I damned? Because I cannot stop. I am burning from inside. And I am not talking only about traveling 🙂 It’s about everything! About exploring, learning, trying, tasting, staying hungry, being childish, never regretting anything and getting everything you want from your life.

This is THE ONE and only way to Live. So ‘Just do it!’ :)) as Nike says.


P.s. hihi … 🙂

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