Urara from 日本 doesn’t make sushi every day

Enjoy BRIEF interviews in International guest room! 😉

Guest N°3 – Urara from Japan 


Hi, I’m Urara. I come from Miyagi prefecture in Japan and I’m currently studying Media in the city of Tampere, Finland.

My favorite place in Japan is Okinawa which is located in the southwest of Japan and made up of more than 160 islands. Why? Because this place is unique in various ways. Emerald green seas and deep blue sky, culture affected by Southeast Asia, and also it has a sad history.. Oh! And local people are so nice!

For me the dumbest stereotype of Japan is that Japanese eat Sushi everyday and make it to ourselves. Okay, normally we go to a restaurant and don’t make it at home. Well, sometimes we do it, but just on special days. I guess you guys make sushi more often than Japanese do…

And right now, my dream destination is Africa 😀 I’d love to see animals living in the savannah and to learn more about amazing ecosystem! Yessss! Love animals and nature <333 kiitos [‘thank you’ in finnish. Why finnish? ..dunno. Urara, it was supposed to be japanese 😦 [… just kidding!]]

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