Weed for Xmas, mushrooms for Easter


No, no weed this time.

That story is made only for private conversations and I bet that those who know it, are probably chuckling at the moment. But just to make long story short, the situation was  quite unique: my family in Belgium on Christmas Eve with no food, but we had              weed… Try to imagine and while you do it I’ll move on to Easter.

Easter in the country

… and this particular story won’t be about somebody going crazy after eating magic mushrooms, it will be about a unique dish, possible to make only in few countries [that is why this post is under ‘à la Gourmet’ category]. I hope I didn’t disappoint you and you’re still reading it… 😀

So, me and my family spent Easter in a countryside where my granddad lives [actually somewhen, there will be a post about this place too, because I absolutely adore it (!!!)]. And in the morning my dad took me to the forest because as he said, he found something really cool. And there they were…


Bobausis or ‘Gyromitra esculenta’ in latin [I know nobody cares , but still…]

This is the mushroom called bobausis. In Lithuanian the name sounds hilarious… Well for me at least.  [I just keep laughing every time I pronounce it [nothing to be proud of]]. What is more, these mushrooms are also found only on April and May while usually all the other mushrooms that grow in Lithuania appear in autumn. Anyways, we found few of these and took  them home. And right then, Wikipedia informed me, that they are poisonous. lol. But I decided to trust brave Lithuanians who shared their recipes on the net   and to try make a dish out of them …aaaand not to kill my family.

Therefore, I spent 90 minutes in the kitchen and here they were! 🙂





Yes, I had to boil them 3 times [so the dish   wouldn’t be toxic anymore], wash them after every boile [same reason here], then fry them in the pan with sour cream, salt, pepper and thymus [the most important spice in this dish] and and and… then I put everything on small pieces of white bread. <…> It tasted really good! Though eating [possibly] poisonous mushrooms was quite funny [and yes, of course a little bit weird too].

It happened about 8 hours ago… So, I’m still alive. Hope to stay this  way at least a 100 years more. 🙂

By the way, my mom tried it only after few hours we did. She said that somebody’s got to be in charge…

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